All Papers (GJBM)


Vol. 17, No. 1, June 2023

Editorial (iii)
1 A Study On Customer Satisfaction of E-banking Services in Bangalore: Advancement, Opportunities and Challenges 1
Dr. R. Ganapathi
2 Analytical Study on Factors Influencing and Problems faced by the Tourist during Covid 19 11
Dr. C. Mayilsamy, Dr. M. Nithyasri and Dr. E. Shyamaladevi
3 Impact of Covid on the Indian Startup Ecosystem 19
Dr. Sunita Gupta and Avani Pandey
4 Direct Tax Reforms in India: Performance Analysis in Pre and Post Liberalization Period 29
Prakash Vir Khatri and Promila Bhardwaj
5 Impact of Micro Credit on Developing Entrepreneurship – Special References to Micro Enterprises 49
Dr. C. Mayilsamy
6 Globalization and its Impact on Human Resource Management 59
Dr. Mihir Kumar Shome

Vol. 16, No. 2, December 2022

Editorial (iii)
1 Debt Management and Economic Development: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria 1
Clifford Obiyo Ofurum, Solomon Egbe and Morris Ebikeniye Sawyer
2 Consumer Experience and Designation Loyalty in Tourism and Hotel Sites 21
Mr. K. Suresh
3 The Effect of Self-perceived Employability on Job Outcomes of Recently Employed Graduates in Small and Medium Enterprises 35
Ruchika Gupta & Amirul Hasan Ansari 
4 Gender Decides: Morals and Ethics 45
Seema Choudhary
5 Green Innovation for Sustainable Tourism: A Study of Select Cases from India 53
Swati and Dr. Sadaf Siraj
6 The Antecedents and Consequences of Workplace Incivility: A Literature Review  61
Tumpa Dey
7 Work from Home: The Way Forward 67
Dr. Sunita Gupta

Vol. 16, No. 1, June 2022

Editorial (iii)
1 Perceptual Mapping of SED & Customer Satisfaction to purchase a car 1
Madhusmita Choudhury, Shantanu Raj & Bidhu Bhusan Mishra
2 Virtual Classroom–A Panacea in the time of COVID- 19 Pandemic 15
Pradyumna Kumar Dash
3 Relationship Between spiritual Intelligence and Organizational Commitment 31
Priyanka Sharma
4 Motivation Process and Motivating Factors for Adult Learners 41
Mohammad Atif Khan
5 An Empirical Study on Relationship between Leadership Styles and Employee Turnover Intention: A Case Study 49
Seema Khurshid Qureshi

Vol. 15, No. 2, December 2021

Editorial iii
1 Do Engaged Employees Intend to Perform Unethical Pro-organisational Behaviour: Exploration of Relationships and Moderator 1
Deepika Mishra and Amirul H. Ansari
2 Status of Mobile Banking in Peripheral Regions: Case of North Tripura, India 16
Supriya Dam
3 A Cluster analysis of convenience food buyer: Cross sectional study in Bhubaneswar 32
Shantanu Raj and BidhuBhusan Mishra
4 Bibliometric Overview of the Artificial Intelligence Research in Management: Analysis from 2010 to 2020 43
Mahwish Qamar, Deepika Mishra, and Amirul H. Ansari
5 Youth Entrepreneurship in India 56
Deepa Singh
6 Does Organizational Citizenship Behaviour differ with Differences in Gender: A study of Government Sector Employees 70
Tumpa Dey
7 HRM and Technology: An Overview 80
Divya Dwivedi

Vol. 15, No. 1, June 2021

1 Effect of Unethical Packaging Practice on Consumer Perception, a Case Study of Packaged Foods and Beverages 1
Sanjeev Kumar and Worku Alemu
2 Key Factors Driving Indian Consumers’ Intention to Purchase of  Organic Food Products in India: An Exploratory Study 16
Dr. Cherukuri Jayasankaraprasad
3 The Impact of Health Consciousness, Natural Content, Food Safety and Product Familiarity on the Purchase Intention to consume Convenience Food: A Cross-sectional Study in Bhubaneswar city 46
Shantanu Raj and Bidhu Bhusan Mishra
4 Human Resource Accounting and its Impact on the Profitability of the Company: A Study of NTPC Co. Ltd. 72
Atul Kumar Paul
5 Financial Performance of Government Owned Enterprise: A Case Study of Zoram Industrial Development Corporation Limited (ZIDCO) 82
K. Lalramnghaka and Dr Bidhu Kanti Das
6 Level of Anxiety Associated with Covid-19 Among College Students in Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu 95
Dr. R. Eswaran
7 Status of Online Shopping during Covid 19: Consumers Perspective from Tripura, India 105
Dr. Supriya Dam
8 Entrepreneurial Intent of Women 123
Dr. Y. Sucharita

Vol. 14, No. 1&2, June & December 2020

1 Impact of Store Interior Atmospheric factors on Patronage Intentions: Supermarket Patrons in Southern Province of Sri Lanka 1
Perera H S C, Gunawardana T S L W and Chandra W G G A
2 Financial Inclusion and its Challenges Concerning Mutual Funds in India 12
Farrukh Nadeem and Syed Shahid Mazhar
3 Distribution Channel Effectiveness In Rural Odisha for Selected Fmcg Products 31
Himanshu Bhusan Mishra and Pallabi Mishra
4 Demographic and Health Status of Agricultural Women Workers: A Study in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Predesh 39
D. Pulla Rao
5 Impact of Training Workshops among the MBA Students of Management Programmes (A Case Study of Kumaun University of Uttarakhand) 56
Hitesh Kumar Pant, Pratibha Pant and Anita Tewari
6 Mentoring: A Literature Review 71
Tumpa Dey

Vol. 13, No. 2, December 2019

1 An Experience of Work-Life Balance among Academic Staff in Higher Education Institution Zanzibar 1
Said Salim Ali
2 Impact of Non-performing Assets on the Profitability of Banks in Kerala 11
Sumi. KV
3 The Gandhian Charkha: From Sunset to sunrise 16
Pallabi Mishra
4 A Pragmatic Study on Knowledge Management Techniques with Orientation of Employee’s Capability Building 27
Budhi Sagar Mishra
5 Internationalization Challenges: Insights from Wal-Mart’s Global Expansion 38
Puneet Rai
6 Role, Responsibility and Liability of Independent Directors 44
Jagbir Singh Kadyan and Suman Kadyan
7 The Role of Women Entrepreneurs in Information Era 53
Ranjan Upadhyaya
8 Destination Branding Strategy: A Case Study of Madhya Pradesh 61
Poonam Sharma
9 Study of Stress and Coping Styles of Working Women (Higher Education Teachers) of Jammu (J&K) 74
Arti Bakhshi and Pallavi Sachdeva
10 An Analytical Study of Non-performing Assets (NPA) of Commercial Banks in India 80
Ombir Singh and Solmaz Husain

Vol. 13, No. 1, June 2019

1 Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Job Satisfaction of Employees in Luxury Hotels of Bengaluru City 1
C. M. Isaac Joel Graham and Dr. R. Kannan
2 The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Employees’ Performance: The Evidence From Selected Commercial Banks in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka 9
R. Vivek
3 Industrial change extent, with reference of Human Resource Development 45
Dr Budhi Sagar Mishra
4 A Study on Uniqueness of Chettinad Cuisine and Attraction of Tourists in Tamil Nadu 55
Dr. R. Panneer Selvam
5 Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship in India 65
Tumpa Dey
6 Relevance of Regression Analysis in Business Forecasting 78
Dr. Sumi. KV

Vol. 12, No. 2, December 2018

1 Startups as Engines of fastest growing Ecosystems in India 1
Dr. N. Santosh Ranganath
2 Nature and Trends of NPA in India 13
Jaheer Mukthar KP
3 Perception of Tourists Towards Locally Produced Foods in Star Hotels and its Relation to Promotion of Food Tourism in Madurai City 27
Dr. T. Z. Ahamed
4 Indian Currency Futures: A Financial Derivative Tool to Hedge Forex 37
Mrs. Nidhi Khurana
5 Critical Resistors of Online Shopping: A Survey in Delhi-NCR Region 43
Ruchi Malik Gorai
6 Public Private Partnerships in Urban Solid Waste Management: A Review 53
Tumpa Dey
7 Fundamental Concepts of Strategy Development: A Critical Examination 72
John E. Chikwe

Vol. 12, No. 1, June 2018

1 Decision-making Feasibility and Techniques: A Psychological and Strategic Evaluation Imperatives 1
John E. Chikwe
2 Union and Organizational Commitment: Are the two linked? 13
Dr.Tumpa Dey
3 Decent Work in Hotel Industry in Zanzibar: Practices, Possibility and Challenges. A Case of Hotel Industry in Stone Town Zanzibar 21
Said Salim Ali
4 Promoting Good Corporate Governance and Business Sustainability through Effective Internal Audit Functions –A Study on Listed  Companies in Bangladesh 38
Shamsun Arefin and Zoinul Abedin Sakil
5 Doctors and Management Perception in Customer Relationship Management builds to Customer Satisfaction in Hospital Services 50
Shivakumara K. & Dr. K.S. Sarala
6 Corporate Governance and Investment Decision of Small Business Firms: Special Reference to India 64
Dr. Rashmita Sahoo
7 A Live Study on Market Performance of Fem Hair Removal Cream & Bleach in Guwahati Region 73
Prashant Pareek and Yash Pareek
8 Investors’ Perception towards Mutual Fund Investment– A Study with Special Reference to Socio-Economic Conditions 86
S. Kulothunga Pandian
9 Customer Evaluation of Brand Extensions 104
Ruchi Malik
10 Study the Growth of E-commerce and Problem of Taxation on E-commerce in India 113
Saurabh Pandey
11 Fundamental Concepts of Strategy Development: A Critical Examination 125
John E. Chikwe
12 Measurement of Corporate Social Responsibility 140
P.V. Khatri

Vol. 11, No. 2, December 2017

1 An Overview on Employees Performance Appraisal and Industrial Administration 1
Dr. Budhi Sagar Mishra
2 Impact of Implied Volatility of Indian Stock Markets on Commodity and Foreign Exchange Markets in India: An Empirical Investigation 21
Girish. B.N and Dr. Nagaraj. H
3 Impact of GST on Indian Telecommunication Sector 35
Sumi. K.V
4 A Study on Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour of Owners for Residential Flats in Tamil Nadu State 41
Mr. K. T. Manivannan and Dr. T. Joseph
5 Rural Customers’ Awareness towards Upgraded Services of Commercial Banks in Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, India 47
Mr. M. Rajeev Gandhi Mr. S. Kulothunga Pandian
6 Impact of Comsumer Demographic and Product Characteristic on Purchase Behavior Towards FMCG Sector: A Syudy in Punjab 57
Anirudh Pandit
7 A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Indian Context 67
Vijay Kumar
8 A Study on Job Satisfaction Level of Employees in RBI at Kanpur 77
Dr. Akhilesh Dixit

Vol. 11, No. 1, June 2017

1 Performance Evaluation of Bancassurance – An Empirical Study on Bankers’ Perspective 1
N. Santosh Ranganath and Dr. G. Tulasi Rao
2 Looking Beyond Income Poverty through Microfinance (Case Study of PAHAL an NGO in Uttarakhand) 11
Aanchal Singhal & Dr. Bindu Arora
3 A Cultural perspective on Wisdom and Leadership – A Literature Review 17
Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey
4 Greening of Textile Industries through Public and Private Governance: An Explorative Research on the Garment Industry in Bangladesh 29
Sadia Naureen Huq and Iftekhar Ul Karim,
5 Digitized Economy — with Special Reference to Kerala 59
Sumi. K.V.
6 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Stakeholder’s Reaction: A Survey on Impact of CSR on Firm Performance in Gujarat 65
Dr. Nilam Panchal
7 Impact of BRICS as a Emerging Trading Bloc on India’s Trade 73
Dr. Khujan Singh and Anil Kumar
8 Corporate Social Responsibility and the Free Market Economy 87
Dr. P.V. Khatri

Vol. 10, No. 2, December 2016

1 The Emerging Roles of HR Professionals: Green Human Resources Management (Green HRM) Perspective 1
Sabnam Jahan and Md. Mamin Ullah
2 Supervisory Empowerment Behaviors, Psychological Empowerment and Work Outcomes among Front-line Service Employees in Five-star Turkish Hotel: A Replication1 25
Ronald J. Burke, Mustafa Koyuncu, Jacob Wolpin, Sevket Yirik and Kadife Koyuncu
3 A Study on Green Human Resource Management Practices in Selected Manufacturing Industrial Units of Udaipur Region 41
Meera Mathur and Aparna Soni
4 Impact of Service Quality on Consumer Perception with Reference to Multi E-Retailers 55
Garima Malik and Manpreet Kaur Oberoi
5 Employee Creativity: The Role of Harmonious Passion in a Supportive Context (Supervisory and Co-worker Support) 71
Prof. (Dr.) Tumpa Dey
6 Management of Aggression and Victimization Among Formative Year’s School Children 91
Rajesh Ganesan and Moon Banerjee
7 Transition to Digitised Consumer Behaviour 99
Sumi. KV
8 Trends in the Growth of Schools by Management in Andhra Pradesh 105
Dr. D. Pulla Rao
9  HRD Execution of Governance; Concerning Disaster Management 121
Dr. Budhi Sagar Mishra
10 A Study of Consumer Perception on Prevalence of Unfair Trade Practices Relating to Product Quality 130
Dr. P.V Khatri and Ravi Kumar

Vol. 10, No. 1, June 2016

1 Impact of Advertising on Working and Non Working Women with Refrence to their Purchasing Behaviour 1
Dr. Sanjeev Bansal and Dr. Garima Malik
2 Streamlining Governance in Public Sector Enterprises of North East Region of India 13
Dr. Febi Varghese, Prof. Dr. R.K. Mishra and Dr. Vinanchiarachi Jebamalai
3 Role of Leadership in Performance Excellence 23
Sahadat Hossain and Fariha Saleh
4 “Strategic Execution of Governance and ‘Right to Food’ in – India” 39
Dr Budhi Sagar Mishra
5 Workers’ Participation in Management: in Indian Perspective 51
Brajesh Kumar Parashar and Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari
6 Promotive Psychological Ownership: Exploring its Relationship with Organizational Innovation 61
Nitu Singhi and A.P. Singh
7 Payments Banks – Can India Achieve Digital Financial Inclusion? 69
Abhishek Pareek and Prashant Raman

Vol. 9, No. 2, December 2015

1 A study of Occupational Stress among Executives of Public Sector and Private Sector 1
Dr. Sunita Rani and Dr. Rajni
2 Organizational Commitment, Creative Behaviour and Life Satisfaction through the Lens of Organizational Justice 10
Dr. Nishat Afroz and Neha Kumari
3 “Panoply of Emotion, Cognition, and its Effects on Decision Making” 27
Dr Budhi Sagar Mishra
4 Management Style in Global Competition: A Tool to Manage Environmental Complexity 35
Dr. Nisha Rana and Dr. Monika Bansal
5 “The Fiscal Deficit Crisis” of India 45
Dr. P.V. Khatri and Ms. Deepika
6 Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors of Motivation: A Comparison of Private and Public Technical Institutions 62
Gurleen Kaur Parmar
7 Effect of Locus of Control. Extraversion, Neuroticism and Emotional Intelligence on Burnout of Navodaya School Teachers Teaching in the National Capital Region 70
Dr. Poonam
8 Goods and Services Tax: Much Needed Reform 73
Dr. Nisha Rana and Dr. Aanchal Gupta
9 A Comparative Study of Level of Aggression and Family Environment Between Day Worker and Night Worker 83
Shreya Chaudhary and Dr. S.K. Srivastava

Vol. 9, No. 1, June 2015

1 Customers’ Preference Towards Multi-brand Mobile Phone Sim Cards and Recharge Coupons 1
R. Ganapathi
2 A Comparative Analysis of Business Process Reengineering and Total Quality Management 11
Hari Lal Bhaskar
3 Industrialists’ Awareness and Attitude Towards Carbon Trading and its Perception and Impact on the Environment 29
P.R. Venkadesh & Ganapathi
4 Organisational Development: A Paradigm 39
Dr. Nisha Rana, Dr. Monika Bansal & Ms. Aanchal Gupta
5 Brand Communication Strategy: A Case Study of Fogg Deodorants in India 49
Rashmi & Garima Nijhawan
6 Brand Communications and Consumer Insights for White Goods in India: A Case Study of the Refrigerator Market 53
P.V. Khatri, Rashmi & Nisha Rana
7 Impact of Financial Administration on Industrial Relations 71
Budhi Sagar Mishra
8 Role of the Services for the Customer Satisfaction and Growth of Banking 85
Sadhana (Sidhu Partap)
9 Analysis of Organisational Commitment of Employees of Public Sector Undertakings 91
Febi Varghese & V. Mukunda Das
10 Recruitment and Selection with Reference to Private Sectors 99
Rashi Saxena & Palak Srivastava

Vol. 8, No. 2, December 2014

1 Theoretical View About Direct Marketing and Relationships Marketing 1
Anju Goswami
2 Behavioral Study of Commodity Investment Among Individual Investors 11
Shraddha Mishra
3 Business Process Reengineering: A Recent Review 24
Hari Lal Bhaskar and R.P. Singh
4 Potential of Interest Free Banking System in India: An Exploratory Study 52
Mohd. Salahuddin and Mohd. Sajid
5 Impact of Brand Equity Dimensions on Brand Purchase Intention of Customers Through Social Media Networks 71
R. Ganapathi
6 A Study on Structural Relationship Between Work Related Factors of Quality of Work Life, Job Satisfaction and Performance of Employees in Small Scale Industrial Units in Kanyakumari District 77
R. Sree Devi and R. Ganapathi
7 The Recent Trend of Performance Appraisal in Private and Government Organizations 85
Budhi Sagar Mishra and Shyam Anand Jha
8 Impact of Soap Advertising and Its Effectiveness in Semi-Urban Area 99
Dr. Garima Malik
9 Evolution of TATA Consultancy Services: A Case Study 113
Prakash Vir Khatri
10 Sales Promotion and its Effect on Brand Switching Behaviour in the Indian FMCG Market 119
Ms. Rashmi and Prakash Vir Khatri
11 Role of HRD Climate in Organizational Effectiveness in Indian Organization 125
Anshul Jaiswal and A.P. Singh
12 A Study on Changing Nature of HRM- in the Era of Globalization 131
Rashi Saxena
13 Effectiveness of e-CRM in Banking Sector 136
Pravesh Kumar Mann, Ravi Kumar and Dr. P.V. Khatri
14 Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Growth: An Indian Outlook 146
Nisha Rana and Aanchal Gupta

Vol. 8, No. 1, June 2014

1 Strategies for Entry in Foreign Markets: Carlsberg A Case Study 1
Amanpreet Kaur & Hersheen Kaur
2 Food Security in India: A Review in Post-Reform Era 14
Dr. Rakesh & Vinod Kumar
3 Emerging Social Networking Site as a New Marketing Tool 21
Mandavi Sahu
4 The Impact and Penetration of Smartphone Usage in Student’s Life 29
R K Jena
5 Job Satisfaction Among Employees in Public and Private Sector Banks in Uttarakhand 36
Richa Arora & Dr. R.S. Pandey
6 Executive Motivation: An Empirical Study in Selected Five-Star Hotels of Delhi 47
Dr. Surabhi Singhal
7 Leveraging Innnovative Entrepreneurship and its Role in Economic Development of India 54
Ruchi Vohra
8 Consumer Buying Behaviour in Organised Retail Business 62
Neha Singhal
9 Direct Marketing and Relationships Marketing: Theoretical Approach 73
Anju Goswami
10 Foreign Direct Investment in the Indian Scenario 84
Suresh B K

Vol. 7, No. 2, December 2013

1 An Empirical Study on Management Education at Risk: Talent (Faculty) Crisis 1
Prabjot Kaur and Dr. Ashutosh Priya Awasthi
2 Influence of Selected Psychographic Factors on Consumers’ Preference of FMCG Brands 11
Dr. Sanjay Mishra  and Subho Chattopadhyay
3 Unfair Advertising and Sales Promotion: Consumers’ Perception 19
Dr. P.V. Khatri and Ms. Rashmi
4 CRM vs. HR Issues: An Extensive Literature Review 35
Prof. Surekha Rana, Pooja Agrawal and Dr. Nutan Jha
5 Job Satisfaction among Print and Electronic Media Personnel: A Study 45
Shivani Arora and  S.K. Srivastava
6 A Study of Green Cloud Computing Paradigms 55
Mahendra S  Aswal

Vol. 7, No. 1, June 2013

1 The Future of Apparel Retailing in India 1
Mamta Gupta
2  Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction in Public and Private Sector Banks in India (A Case Study of Meerut Region of U.P.) 15
Vijay Prakash Gupta and P.K. Agarwal
3 Training as a Factor Influencing Adoption of Innovations Along Mango Value Chains in Meru County, Kenya 27
Isaiah GitongaImaita
4 Impact of Work-Life Balance on Performance of Employees in the Organisations 39
Parkash Vir Khatri and Jyoti Behl
5 Consumer Preferences in Purchase of Ready to Eat Snacks-Branded Potato Chips 49
Dean Martin C. and Baby Joseph
6 Frozen Food Industry in India: A Market Study 59
Rashmi Khatri and P.V. Khatri

Vol. 6, No. 2, December 2012

1 Self Help Group – BLP in Microfinance Service: An Empirical Study 1
V. Narasimha Rao and N. Subramanyam
2 Financial Resources as a Factor Influencing Adoption of Innovations Along Mango Value Chains in Meru County, Kenya 23
Isaiah Gitonga Imaita
3 Skill Requirement in Travel and Tourism Industry 35
T. Subash
4 Does Price Elasticity Effect Consumer Purchase Decision? 47
Prakash Vir Khatri and Richa Joshi
5 International Financial Reporting Standards: Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Context 57
Amit Kumar Arora and Meenakshi Tyagi
6 Online Distribution Strategy of Retail Giants 65
Animesh Kumar

Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2012

1 Green Water Management: A Key Driver for Socio-Economic Development 1
N. Santosh Ranganath and G. Tulasi Rao
2 Product-centric Approach: A Critical Analysis 11
P.V Khatri and Richa Joshi
3 M-commerce based 2-G and 3-G Personalised Services for Users: Empirical Study 21
Gagan Varshney
4 Innovation in Mangement Education: A Necessity or Choice 29
Abhishek Raizada and S.K. Verma
5 Corporate Governance: Source of Global Competitiveness 39
Ekta Wadhwa and Anita Arora
6 Analysis of Merger Acquisition in India 47
Julius Miroga Bichanga and Robert Omundi Obuba
7 Impact of Modernisation and the Resultant Change as Perceived by the Employees of Public Sector Organisations 53
Swaha Bhattacharya
8 Independent Directors: Role, Responsibility and Liability 61
Jagbir Singh Kadyan and Suman Kadyan
9 Al Rajhi Bank, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Case of Islamic Banking 71
Vijayesh Kumar
10 Passenger Cars: Challenges to NCR 79
Rahul Chandra and Sushil Kr. Dixit

Vol. 5, No. 2, December 2011

1 Organisational Role Stress: Impact on Gender and Marital Status 1
Visalakshi Sridhar and K.N. Jayakumar
2 Stress, Well-being and Work/Life Balance among Full-time and Part-time Working Women 9
Diljot Soin
3 An Empirical Study of Working Stress on Men and Women 17
Mohit Rastogi, Naini Jain and Meenu Anand
4 Tourism and the Environment 25
T. Subhash
5 Industrial Relations and Welfare Activities Prevailing in SAIL and RDCIS – A Comprehensive Analysis 33
R. Sujatha, Rajnish Ratna, Mansi Saluja and Saniya Chawla
6 Effects of Logistics Outsourcing Strategies on Organisational Productivity: A Survey of Selected Manufacturing Companies in Kenya 51
Bichanga Walter Okibo and Lydia Kwamboka Mbura
7 Green Marketing – Concepts and Applications 71
Jagbir Singh Kadyan and Suman Kadyan
8 Globalisation – A Critique 77
Prakash Vir Khatri and Suman Yadav

Vol. 5, No. 1, June 2011

1 Differences in the Motivation to lead of Insurance, Telecom, and IT Executives – Implications for Recruitment and Promotion 1
Diljot Soin
2 Direct Tax Reforms in India: Performance Analysis in Pre and Post Liberalization Period 10
Prakash Vir Khatri and Promila Bhardwaj
3 An Empirical Evidence of Marketing Innovation by Cotton Farmers. 28
Nainar Reddy. P. and  D. Raghunatha Reddy
4 A study of Marketing Strategies for Chinese products in Ancient, Medieval and Colonial India 43
Yogesh D. Mahajan and Maheshchandra P. Joshi
5 Managing the Organisational Change Through Business Process Re-engineering 50
Mohd. Arif
6 Application of Information Technology in Agriculture – An Indian Experience 58
P. Srinivas Subbarao and P. Suseela Rani
7 A Study of Consumer Attitude towards Chinese Products (Toys) in India with Special Reference to Jalgaon District in Maharashtra 67
Yogesh D. Mahajan
8 Emerging Factors and Their Impact on Motivation of the Employees in Current Business Environment: an Empirical Study 77
D. S. Chaubey,  S. M. Tariq Zafar and Mayank Raturi
9 Foreign Direct Investment in India – The Ways and Means 95
P. V. V. Satyanarayana
10 Role of Motivation in Higher Productivity 105
S. K. Srivastava and Kailash Chandra Barmola

Vol. 4, No. 2, December 2010

1 A Study on IT Professionals of IBM and PwC Regarding the Reasons for Attrition 1
Swaha Bhattacharya
2 A Study on the Adoption of M-Commerce Services among Mobile Phone Users in Malaysia 8
Aminul Islam, Jason Lee Wai Chow and Lim Cheng Leong
3 Direct Tax Reforms in India: Performance Analysis in Pre and Post Liberalization Period 21
P.V. Khatri and Promila Bhardwaj
4 E-Governance for Green Governance 40
Manisha K. Deep, G. Sahoo and Aman K. Deep
5 Empirical Evidence of Rural Consumer Purchasing Behaviour of Grocery Items in Agricultural families of Adilabad District 47
Nainar Reddy P. and D. Raghunatha Reddy
6 Role of Emotions in Service Encounter 58
Meera Mathur and Sheenu Jain
7 Role of Employees’ Self Service (ESS) System through ERP: An Empirical Study of OMC in India 67
Ratikanta Biswal, Kalpana Sahoo and Hirapunyatirtha Swain
8 Segmentation of Shopping Mall Shoppers: A Cluster Analysis Approach 75
Shailesh K. Kaushal and Ram Komal Prasad
9 Customer Perception of Corporate Re-branding in Telecom Industry of Bangladesh: A Case of Robi 92
Mohammed Javed Hossain and Robaka Shamsher
10 The State of Microfinance in India: Emergence, Delivery Models and Issues 102
Sumanjeet and Vikas Batra
11 The Principles and Practices of Business Continuity Management in Indian Banking Sector 125
N. Santosh Ranganath and  T. Kama Raju

Vol. 4, No. 1, June, 2010

1 Assessing the Impact of Moderator on Tolerance of Ambiguity and Managerial Effectiveness Relationship: An Empirical Study 1
Shalini Srivastava
2 A Study of Leadership in the Hierarchy of Managers in Malaysian Multinational Manufacturing Industries 13
Md. Aminul Islam, Farid Ahammad Sobhani and Ravindranath Gopinathan Nair
3 Success Aspects of Six Sigma Implementation 33
Sujendra Swami, P. and V. Madhusudana Prasad
4 Effect of Working Capital Management on Profitability of Firms: A Study of the Indian Oil Drilling and Exploration Industry 42
Anupam Jain
5 A Brief Analysis of Performance and Persistence of Selected Mutual Fund Schemes 50
Moid U. Ahmad and Saif Siddiqui
6 Consumer Behaviour in Rural Areas: A Micro-Level Study of Buying Behaviour of Rural Consumers in Thrissur District 63
Dean Martin, C.
7 Food Security in India: Concepts, Realities and Innovations 73
B.J. Lathi and Parag Narkhede
8 Analysing Impact of US Economic Crisis on Indian Equity Market: An Empirical Study 82
S.R. Sharma and Monika Senwal
9 Private Equity Investment in India with Special Reference to Education Sector 91
Archana Pandey
10 Working of Voluntary Consumer Organisations (VCOs) in Punjab 97
Kamaldeep Kaur and J.S. Pasricha
11 Attaining Competitive Advantage through Brand Equity 106
S.K. Sharma, Sunita Bharatwal and Monika Sharma
12 SWOT Analysis and Strategic Review of Pharmaceuticals Industry from Indian Perspective 118
Dharmendra S. Mistry

Vol. 3, No. 2, December, 2009

1 A Study on Customer Satisfaction in the Indian Banking Sector: An Empirical Study 1
 K.K. Verma and Prakash Tiwari
2 Perception towards Mutual Funds- An Empirical Study of Chandigarh City 14
Vijay Kumar Kaushal and Gitanjali Upadhaya
3 Determinants of Key Favorable Environment for Entrepreneurship Development: An Empirical Study of Some Selected Companies in Bangladesh 27
Md. Abu Taher, Mohammad Shahab Uddin and Mohammad Shamsuddoha
4 Epistemological and Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Marketing Research 33
Devinder Pal Singh
5 Relational Outcomes and Customer Loyalty 43
Saranjeet Singh
6 Occupational Stress in Entrepreneurship – Stress, Strain and Coping Strategies Among Women Entrepreneurs 51
Murali Krishna Panatula and Sangeetha Neriyanuri
7 Effectiveness of Online Banking with Special Reference to the ICICI Bank 67
Rajeev Prabhakar and Purushottam Tripathi
8 A Study on Entrepreneurial Success, Role of Social Competence and Impression Management 81
Resmi Ann Thomas and T.J. Kamalanabhan
9 Impact of Market Variables on Bond Yield 95
Harish Handa
10 Selection and Switchover Behaviour of Mobile Phone Users : An Empirical Study 112
Neelam Dhanda and Pooja Goel
11 An Empirical Investigation of the Indian Customer Perceptions on Internet Banking 124
Naveen Kumar
12 Work Stress and Organizational Support Among Public and Private Sector Employees 135
Veena Katyal and S.K. Srivastava

Vol. 3, No. 1, June, 2009

1 Quality of Commerce Education in Indian Universities: An Empirical Presentation 1
Dr. Nawab Ali Khan
2 Asset Liability Management System in Housing Finance Companies 13
Dr. Banarasi Mishra, Deepak Kumar Mishra and Shailesh Kumar Dwivedi
3 Determinants of Corporate Profitability In India 21
Sandeep Kumar Rai
4 Fringe Benefit Tax: Concept and Compliance 31
Rahul Kumar Singh and Pradeep Kr. Srivastava
5 Green Marketing – Attempts of Selected Companies 43
Dr. Jeet Singh and Dr. Preeti Yadav
6 Perspectives of International Human Resource Management 59
Madhuri Modekurti
7 The Dialectics of Advertising: The Search for an Indian Tradition 71
Devesh Ranjan Tripathi
8 Corporate Governance in the Context of Global Financial Crisis – An Accountants View 81
Vinay K. Nangia and Samiksha Jain
9 Emotional Intelligence—A Key to Performance 85
Priyanka Sharma
10 Study of Parameters of Ranking of Commercial Banks with Regard to Banking Regulatory Guidelines 93
Bindu Arora and Mukta Mani
11 The Determinants of Consumer Behaviour 103
Sweta Maheshwari
12 The Impact of Internal Control on Material Utilisation 113
Dr Ajay Dwivedi and Hagos Mekonnen

Vol. 2, No. 2, December, 2008

1 Achieving Organisational Effectiveness through Strategic Fit between Human Resources and Information Technology 1
P.C. Bahuguna and Dr. P. Kumari
2 Bancassurance: Distribution Channels and Strategies in an Emerging Market 13
Santosh Kumar
3 Behaviour Based Safety in Indian Organisations 25
Dr. H. L. Kaila
4 Corporate Governance in the Context of Global Financial Crisis–An Accountants View 35
Vinay K. Nangia and Samiksha Jain
5 CRM in Insurance: The New Way 39
Prakash Chandra Joshi
6 US Dollar’s Devaluation and its Impact on Global Economy 47
Dr. S.M. Tariq Zafar, Dr S.R. Sharma and S.M. Khalid
7 E-governance: Fast Track Democratising Tool 75
Dr. Ashutosh Priya and Chitranka Dalakoti
8 Front-line Employees’ Satisfaction in a Call Centre 91
Prabha Ramseook-Munhurrun, Perunjodi Naidoo and Soolakshna D. Lukea-Bhiwajee
9 Innovation-driven Cultural Intelligence: An Enabler in Organisation 103
Prof. Gaurav Ashesh and Dr. Sweta Maheshwari
10 Influence of the Psychological Correlates in Experiencing Managerial Frustration 113
Dr. A.K. Mishra
11 Software of Effective CSR Practice 121
Tapomoy Deb
12 Retail Industry: Next Growth Engine for Indian Economy 129
Uday Khanna, Manish Kumar and Deependra Sharma

Vol. 2, No. 1, June, 2008

1 Challenges for Indian Management Education in the Global Context 1
Dr. Tauseef Ahmad and Dr. Meeta Nihalani
2 Joint Ventures as Key Entry Strategy in International Markets: A Critical Assessment of Success and Failure 11
Amit Gautam
3 Strategic Appreciation of Indian Currency: Its Impact and Implications on Indian Economy 21
S.M. Tariq Zafar and S.R. Sharma
4 Stress State and its Effect on Task Performance, Job Involvement, and Job Satisfaction 39
Sandeep Kumar and A.P. Singh
5 Psychological Empowerment at Work Place 53
Urmila Rani Srivastava and Meena Singh
6 Globalization and its Impact on Human Resource Management 71
Mihir Kumar Shome
7 Psychological Well-Being: A Comparative Study of Executives of Government and Private Organizations of Jammu City 87
S.R. Khan and Probhjot Kour
8 Personality Factors as Predictors of Emotional Intelligence 93
Saima Yousuf and Iftikhar Ahmad
9 Enterprise Resource Planning: Mode of Strategic Development for Small and Medium Enterprises 105
Anil Kumar Kothari, Bichanga Walter Okibo
10 Emotional Intelligence as Related to Burnout Among Managers 115
Kiran Sahu and Shelley Yadav
11 A Study of Social Distance and Marital Adjustment of Working and Non-Working Women 125
Veena Katyal
12 Sex Difference in Intelligence Among Working Adults 133
Deepti Hooda, Nov Rattan Sharma, Amrita Yadava

Vol. 1, No. 1, June, 2007

1 Understanding Work Life Balance: An Empirical Study of IT Sector 1
Shyodan  Singh and Aheli Chowdhury
2 Relationship of Leadership Styles, Cerebral Dominance and Type-A Personality Decision-Making Behaviour among Managerial Personnel 11
A. P. Singh and P. Somchat Phiutongngam
3 Evolution of Entrepreneurship in India 35
S.N. Soundara Rajan and M. Senthil
4 A Study of Occupational Stress and Coping Strategies among Working Women in Relation to their Feeling of Well-being 43
Arun Kumar and S.K. Srivastava
5 Can Job Satisfaction Enhances Individual Performance: Empirical Study from BPO Sector 57
Hardik Shah and Vinay Sharma
6 Effect of Quality of Working Life on Mental Health of Bank Employees 71
Patiraj Kumari and Pooja Khanna
8 Customer Loyalty: Behavioural, Attitudinal or Both? 91
Harsandaldeep Kaur, Harmeen Kaur Soch and Nidhi Sabharwal
9 Job Satisfaction: Interplay of Personality Type and Organizational settings 103
Nageen Khalid and Iftikhar Ahmad
10 Ethical Issues in Marketing of Bank Services: A Study on Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited 115
Dr. Mohammed Solaiman, Md. Maruf Hossan Chowdhury and Md. Sarwar Uddin
11 Income Participation in Family Expenditure and Empowerment: A Study on Urban Working Women of Bangladesh 129
Mohammed Javed Hossain, Mir Hossain Sohel and Mohammad Nasir Uddin
12 Managerial Perspectives on Organizational Effectiveness and Organizational Commitment 139
Indiwar Misra