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Journal of Indian Health Psychology (JIHP) is a biannual Journal devoted to inter-disciplinary research publication with the objective of furthering an understanding of scientific relationships between behavioural principles on one hand and health issues on the other. This journal is devoted to diverse kind of empirical investigation in the field of Health Psychology. This journal shall provide a forum to integrate the theoretical, empirical and application based knowledge in this area. The distinctive feature of the journal will be to include a special section of the articles based on Indian perspectives of health psychology and behaviour. Dissemination of the knowledge among the professionals and upcoming researchers will go a long way in benefiting the masses at large. JIHP is a refereed journal and all articles pass through the blind review done independently by referees/expert assessors on several dimensions and finally acceptance/ revision/ rejection/ suitability of the same is ascertained. Research carried out at individual, group and community level are welcome.