All Papers (JIHP)

Vol. 18, No. 1, January, 2024
Editorial (iii)
1 Affect and Eating Behavior among Youth: A Co-relational Study 1
Sonika and Deepti Hooda
2 Aggression and Resilience as Correlates of Psychological Well-being among Police Personnel 11
Subiya Rashid and Akbar Hussain
3 Protective Factors in Type 2 Diabetes Self-care Management: A Qualitative Study 23
Rinu Harshidha, K. and Annalakshmi, N.
4 Scars of Pathogenic Parenting and Turbulent Relational World of X: Thematic Analysis 36
Pallavi Bhatnagar and Megha Singh
5 Association between Hypertension among Adults and Use of Smoking and Smokeless forms of Tobacco use in India: A Secondary Data Analysis of NFHS V  43
KC Barmola
6 Place Attachment as a Predictor of Pro-Environmental Behavior 55
Pooja and Deepti Hooda
7 Exploring Gender Differences in Personality Dimensions Among High School Students 65
Sandhya Garg 
8 Applications of Artificial Intelligencein Psychology: Revolutionizing Mental Health Care 74
Kushal Walia
Vol. 17, No. 2, July, 2023
Editorial (iii)
1 The Problem of Sexual Violence: Thematic analysis of the Perceptions of Youth 1
Megha Singh, Arshi Islam, Farah Khan and Pallavi Bhatnagar
2 Managing Social Anxiety Disorder in Pregnant Woman through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Case Study 9
Pragya Verma and Archana Shukla
3 Do Opposites Attract or Like Dissolve Like? Heterogeneity of Friendship Networks forIndian Young Adult Males and Females 21
Gulgoona Jamal
4 Social Relationship Vis-à-vis Health and Wellbeing  31
Swaha Bhattacharya and Piyali Roy
5 Development of Helping Behaviour with Behaviour Technology 43
Ganesan V and Ramakrishnan K S
6 Assessing Fear among Adult Using Fear of Covid-19 Scale During the Pandemic of COVID-19: Exploratory Research 53
Balan Rathakrishnan, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Azizi Yahaya, Noor Hassline Mohammed and Mohammad Amin Wani


Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2023
1 Difficulties in Emotion Regulation and Eating Behaviour  1
Sonika and Deepti Hooda
2 Predicament of the Working Woman: From Mothers to Daughters 14
Manvi Singh
3 Contribution of Media on Body Image Disturbance and Eating Disorders 24
Sajal Dhillon
4 Covid-19 Pandemic and Protection Motivation Theory 34
Shamala. R and Madhurini Vallikad
5 Role of Self-control, Aggression and Cognitive Distortion in Criminal Behavior 40
Kalpna, Deepti Hooda and NovRattan Sharma
6 Effects of Visual Arts Versus Performing Arts on Psychological Wellbeing of Indian Young Adult Female Amateur Artists During COVID-19 50
Gulgoona Jamal
7 A Comparative Study on Adjustment, Self-efficacy and Academic Achievement among Male & Female School Students 73
Mandeep Sharma Muni Ram and Sonu Kumar
8 Role of Environmental Attitude in Pro-Environmental Behavior 82
Pooja and Deepti Hooda
9 A Study of Relationship Between Marital Adjustment and Depression Amongst Women 91
Sonika Dangi and Pankaj Gupta


Vol. 16, No. 2, June, 2022
1 Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Wellbeing  among Caregivers of Disabled Children 1
Ved Prakash Rawat, Garima Gupta and DarakhshanAnjum
2 A Comparative Study of Over indulgence and Over Protective Parenting and Aggressive Behaviour of their Children 15
S. P Singh
3 Gender Differences on Self-efficacy and Optimism Among Medical Students 24
Md. Jasimuddin Khan and Mohammad Anas
4 Righteousness with Reference to Age and Gender Differentials 31
Rikza Pervez
5 Cognitive Flexibility in Relation to Spontaneous-deliberate Mind Wandering Tendencies Among Young Male Adults 38
Prashant Sharma
6 Demographic Factors and Resilience among Single Women 47
Deepak Kumar. S  and Annalakshmi. N 
7 Coping as Buffer in the Work Stress- Health Relationship: A Study on Career Women  67
Sushma Pandey and Nidhi Gupta
8 Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Wellbeing and Job Engagement Among Private Sector Employees 84
Nilesh Thakre and Mohana Raje
9 Effectiveness of a Psychological Intervention Program on Mindfulness, Performance Strategies, and Sports Anxiety among Badminton Players 102
Arun Sangwan and Anjali Malik
Vol. 16, No. 1, January 2022
Editorial (iii)
1 Effect of Savoring Intervention in Enhancing Resilience Among Institutionalized Adolescents: An Experimental Study 1
Narayanan Annalakshmi and Praballa Ashmitha
2 Standardization of a Worry Scale 25
Mohammad Faizee and Akbar Husain
3 Cognitive Flexibility and Emotion Regulation Among People Suffering from Lifestyle Related Diseases 37
Eisha Rahman
4 How Employability Skill Affects the Level of Resilience Among the Transgender 50
Akshaya. I. and K.V. Krishna
5 A Search for Meaning in Life During Covid  56
Megha Singh and Pallavi Bhatnagar
6 Emotion Regulation and Self Consciousness in Single Women: Differential Study of Metro and Non-metropolitan Regions 64
Zaira Seraj Khan and Shah Mohd Khan
7 Cognitive Defusion and Decentering as Predictors of Pain Coping Strategies Among Osteoarthritis Patients 77
Priyanka Yadav,  Deepti Hooda and NovRattan Sharma
8 Prevalence of Depression in Prison Inmates – Contributing Factors 89
Lata Subramanya and Beena Chintalapuri
9 Efficacy of Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique in Moderating Anxiety of Caregivers of Cancer Patients 98
Sheereen Khan Bajpai and Bhupinder Singh


Vol. 15, No. 2, March, 2021

1 Pain Acceptance and Committed Action as Predictors of Pain Coping Strategies in Osteoarthritis Patients 1
Priyanka Yadav and Deepti Hooda
2 A Study of Spirituality and Mindfulness in Elderly People  12
Ved Prakash Rawat and Anjali Verma
3 Depression, Neurotic and Psychotic Traits Among Students of Creative and Non-creative Professions 22
Niloufar Vafaei Soleiman Darabi
4 Experiences of Caregivers of Patients with Bipolar Affective Disorder: A Qualitative Study 28
Hardeep Lal Joshi
5 Personality and Alcoholism: An Overview 37
Amandeep Singh and Rupan Dhillon 
6 Effectiveness of Yoga Techniques on State-trait Anxiety and Self-esteem Among School-Going Adolescents with PMS 49
Akshaya. I. and K.V. Krishna
7 A Comparative Study of Adjustment among Young Adults across Gender 61
Ravinder Kumar, Neetu and NovRattan Sharma
8 Empowerment of elderly: An Indian insight 69
Shyodan Singh
9 Exploring Psychological Capital as Predictor of Mental Health Among Graduate-level Students 80
Ishrat Munawer, Musaddiq Jahan and Afreen Khan
10 Yoga: A Holistic Approach to Develop Youthfulness, Obedience, Good Heath and Awakening 92
Akbar Husain, Prashant Sharma and Ruchi Singh
11 Assessment of Emotional Maturity and Level of Anxiety among College Students  103
Sonika Dangi and Himanshu Choudhary
12 Spirituality and Personality: Drawing Parallels  116
Archana Shukla and Varun Yadav
13 Prayer as Counselling Intervention in Reducing Depression and Anxiety 124
Zohra Khatoon

Vol. 15, No. 1, September, 2020

1 Ahamkara and Health: An Empirical Review 1
Namita Tayal, Malinee Priya and NovRattan Sharma
2 Comparison of Health Locus of Control between Pet Owners and Non-Pet Owners 14
Bharathi, V. and K.V. Krishna
3 Gender Differences in Achievement Motivation and Career Locus of Control in Indian College Boys and Girls 21
Suruchi Bhatia, S. Grace Tinnunnem Haokip, Anika Yadav and Gopa Bhardwaj
4 Impact of Acculturative Stress on Academic Performance Among Students of Different States  32
Mohd. Ilyas Khan
5 Personality Factors as Correlates of Psychological Well-being among Adults 40
Mandeep Sharma and Anita Yadav
6 The Relationship between Ego Resilience, Self Esteem and Perceived Stress:  An Investigative study of Young Adults 53
Gunjan Bhutani and Anirudh Katyal
7 Mindfulness Disposition, Health and Psychological Wellbeing 65
Kalpna Thakur, Malinee Priya and NovRattan Sharma
8 School Environment: Perception of Female Students of Senior Secondary Schools 80
Archana Shukla and Deepti Mehrotra
9 Anxiety and Perceived Stress Due to Covid-19 Lockdown  91
Niharika Duggal, Gunjan Bhutani, Arushi Singh, Devika Satija and Anirudh Katyal
10 Psychological Correlates of Longevity-A Critical Review 103
Ravinder Kumar, Malinee Priya and NovRattan Sharma
11 Emotional Regulation and Flourishing among  Married Teachers 112
Tanaz Nazhand
12 Relationship between Hope and Mental Wellbeing Among Female Cancer Patients 119
Faizi Agha and Akbar Husain

Vol. 14, No. 2, March, 2020

1 SEHAT (Health): Islamic Perspective 1
Akbar Husain and Shabnam Qayoom
2 Effect of Types of School, Educational level and Gender on Internet Usage and Well-being of Adolescents 9
Mini Mehra and Bhupinder Singh
3 Emotional Intelligence as Correlate of Psychological Well-being among College Students 20
Indu Bala and Mandeep Sharma
4 Psychological Flexibility as a predictor of Pain Resilience in Osteoarthritis patients 30
Priyanka Yadav and Deepti Hooda
5 An Exploration of Infertility Among Couples 43
Lijiya Manju K.C. and T.Sasidharan
6 Aggressive Personality and Types of Aggressive Behavior Among Student in Sabah, Malaysia 49
Balan Rathakrishnan, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin and Azizi Yahaya
7 Body Shape and Happiness among Students of Technical Institutes 61
Shalu Kumari and Amjad Ali
8 Prevalence of Generalized Anxiety Disorder among College Students 72
A.K. Srivastava
9 Effect of Eating Behaviour and Body Weight on Inhibition and Cognitive Flexibility Among Adolescents 78
Rekha and Deepti Hooda

Vol. 14, No. 1, September, 2019

1 Depression, Anxiety and Stress of Women with and Without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 1
Mili Maity and Bishnupada Nanda
2 Experiencing School Supportiveness: Assessment of Negative Mental Health in Children 10
Aradhana Shukla
3 Only Children and Children with Siblings: A Comparative Study on Friendship Quality 22
Punithavathi S and Visnumalini V
4 A Study of Forgiveness, Self-efficacy and Hope in Young Working Women 31
Pankaj Kaushik and Nov Rattan Sharma
5 Effect of Gender on Friendship and Love Attitude among Adolescents 39
Mohini and Nov Rattan Sharma
6 Effect of Eating Behaviour and Bmi on Executive Functions Among Adolescents 49
Rekha and Deepti Hooda
7 Influence of Social-connectedness on Psychological Wellbeing of Indian School Dropouts at Myskills Foundation 62
Vijaya Ratinam Ramah, Balan Rathakrishnan, Azizi Yahaya, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Mohammad RahimKamaluddin, and Koay Ting Yin
8 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Moderate Depression- Case Based Analysis 73
Priyanka and Rajbir Singh
9 Personality and Cognitive Failure: Implications in Health Psychology 78
Kalpna, and Nov Rattan Sharma

Vol. 13, No. 2, March, 2019

1 Self-Regulation Capacity as a Buffering Agent in Health Complaints of Adults 1
Surjeet Singh and NovRattan Sharma
2 Psychological Predictors of Migraine: An exploratory study among Migraineurs and Non-migraineurs 17
Nice Mary Francis P and Aparna Suresh
3 The Motherhood Challenge: Examining the Role of Coping Styles and Personality in Infertile Women 32
Shashi Darolia and Debasruti Ghosh
4 Efficacy of Cultural Adaptation of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Generalised Anxiety Disorder in India 43
Mallika Sharma and NovRattan Sharma
5 Aggression and Perceived Social Support among Individuals with Hypertension: An Explorative Study 53
Jaya A.T. and Nivea Jerome
6 Relationship between Self Esteem, Coping Strategies, Family Environment, Personality and Social Support in Migrant Adolescents: A Factorial Perspective 63
Rupan Dhillon and Saima Hafiz
7 Medical pluralism, Continuity and Change: Re-visiting the field in Bhatgarh, Himachal Pradesh, India 77
Gurinder Kaur and Sukhbir Singh
8 Theory of Karma: Universal Path to Positive Health 93
Kalpna and NovRattan Sharma
9 Problem-focused and Emotion-focused of Flood Coping Responses with Psychological Distress in Flood Victims 104
Balan Rathakrishnan, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Koay Ting Yin, & Azizi Yahaya

Vol. 13, No. 1, September, 2018

1 Efficacy of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in Enhancing Assertiveness and Social Maturity in College Students 1
R. Govarthini and N.V. Amudha Devi
2 Existential Psychotherapeutic Intervention in the End-of-Life Care and Positive Health Outcomes: An Overview 20
Suantak Demkhosei Vaiphei and Devendra Singh Sisodia 
3 Nutritional Status, Clinical Features and Degree of Immunosuppression of HIV/AIDS Orphans in India 35
Shikha Verma and Swaran Lata
4 Trauma and Psychological Well-Being of Rape Survivors 47
Richa Nautiyal and A. Velayudhan
5 Role of Optimism and Perceived Control in Well-being of Women in Reproductive Age 53
Anubhuti Dubey and Kirti Mishra
6 Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Well Being among the Higher Secondary School Students 72
Vigneshvaran. K and Dr. Krishna. K.V
7 The Study of Depression and Mental Health among old age people  81
Akshaya, I. and K.V. Krishna
8 A Study on the Effect of NityaPrarthana with Shloko Charana on Memory and Sustained Attention among Children 87
Seethalakshmy. A  and Krishna. K.V. 
9 Self-Regulation Strategies for Healthy Functioning Among Adolescents 100
Surjeet Singh and Nov Rattan Sharma

Vol. 12, No. 2, March, 2018 Supplement

1 A Co-relational Study between Emotional Skills and Thinking Skills among Adolescents 1
Alka Seth and Novrattan Sharma
2 Role of Gender and Family Type (with vs. without sibling) in Marital Adjustment among Working Adults 7
Priyanka and Amrita Yadava
3 An Exploration into the Dimensions of Implicit Theories of Creativity 17
Indu Sharma, J.S. Bidlan and C.R. Darolia
4 Quality of Life and Generativity among Middle and Late Adulthood 27
Ibha Khajuria and Navdeep Singh Tung
5 Study of Mental Health of Secondary School Students in Relation to Working and Non-Working Status of Mothers 38
Ritika and Gagandeep Kaur
6 A Crackdown on Illicit Liquor Manufacturers- A Programme on Cognitive Behavioral Change while Being in the Prison Custody 46
Makili Sravanthi, Rajitha Gopinadham, Beena Chintalapuri and Ashoka Fellow
7 Stress among Parents of Intellectually Challenged Children 55
Archana Shukla, Deepti Mehrotra and Neha Singh
8 A Study on Water Pollution and its impact on the Human Health in Chennai City 67
K. Thirupathi Raja
9 Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Spirituality Index of Wellbeing 73
Shabnam Qayoom

Vol. 12, No. 2, March, 2018

1 Physical and Psychological Symptoms, Work-Family Conflict and vice versa and Job Satisfaction of Male Pathology Technicians in Private and Government Laboratories 1
Disha Halder and Dr. Ishita Chatterjee
2 Psychological Well-being of Indian Men and Women Undergoing Fertility Treatment for Involuntary Childlessness 13
Saraswathi Bhaskar, Vijaysarathi Ramanathan and René Hoksbergen
3 Impact of Family Socio-economic Status and Mother’s Education on Child Health  22
Dikshanti Eknath Gaikwad and Pritamkumar C. Bedarkar
4 Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on the Self-Efficacy and Stress of Adolescents with Parental Absence 30
Dr. K.V. Krishna and Biju George
5 Binge Watching: Why are College Students Glued to their Screens? 41
Veda Anita Dandamudi and Anuradha Sathiyaseelan
6 Relationship of Parent Adolescent Conflict with Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms 53
Dr. Rupan Dhillon and Palak Kanwar
7 Unwed Mothers of Kerala: Their Mental Health and Quality of Life  63
Ms. Devika.R, Dr S Gayatridevi and Prof. A. Velayudhan
8 Maslow’s Self-actualization and Iqbal’s Khudi: A Comparative Study 69
Dr. Nishat Afroz
9 Role of Proactive Coping in Psychological Wellbeing of Healthy Indian Youth  76
Shishu Kesh Kumar and Das Ambika Bharti
10 Comparative Psycho-social Profile of Internet Addicted Male and Female Students of Kolkata 91
Rittick Dey and Sraboni Chatterjee
11 The Level of Anxiety among Adolescents with Multiple Disabilities 105
Miss. Blessy Ann Varughese and Dr. N.S Rohini
12 Impact of Behavioural Intervention on Well-being in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee 115
Shahin Ghani and Harish Rao
13 Strategies Towards Enhancing Well-being of Depressive and Emotionally Suffocated Individuals  126
Shabnam Qayoom and Shahla Ahmadi

Vol. 12, No. 1, September, 2017

1 Empirical Validation of PASS Reading Enhancement Program: An Indian Experience 1
C.R. Darolia, Pardeep Kumar and Shashi Darolia
2 Cognitive Representation of Illness, Coping and Wellbeing in Cancer Patients 9
Anubhuti Dubey and Nisha Kumari
3 Health Hardiness and Illness Perceptions in Type 2 Diabetes Patients 24
Kavya Chelli,  R. Lalnuntluangi and Meera Padhy
4 The Role of Yoga on Well-being of Indian Elderly 36
Shyodan Singh, D .Chao and Satish Kumar Rajoria
5 Intelligence and Personality as Predictors of Well-Being 45
Ranjana and  Nandini Moudgil
6 Psycho-social Factors in Alcoholism: A Review with Empirical Evidence 54
Jyoti Sharma and Anita Sharma
7 Emotional Intelligence among Customer Tackling and Housekeeping Staff of Indian Railways 66
Lovely Gyan and Archana Shukla
8 A Comparative study of Subjective Well Being of Young Adults of Single Parent Family and Dual Parent Family 78
Priyanka Behrani
9 Stress Anxiety and Depression Among Hiv/Aids Patients 87
Mohammad Amin Wani and R. Sankar
10 Impact of Attitude and Emotional Intelligence on Quality of Life of Menopausal Women: A Review 98
Seema Vijayvargiya and Bhupinder Singh
11 Self Esteem, Well Being and Adjustment as Predictors of Achievement Motivation in Adolescents 106
Rupan Dhillon and Deepti Randhawa
12 Management of Frustration among Low Academic Achieving Arts Post-Graduate Students of Tripura University 115
Rajesh Ganesan and Moon Banerjee
13 Menopause Anxiety Among Women 125
Rita Rani Talukdar and Sukanya Bora

Vol. 11, No. 2, March, 2017

1 Depression and Life Style of Working Women Across Various Organizations 1
Sushama Bhosale and Alena Slezackova
2 Organizational Role Stress, Satisfaction with Life and Work-life Balance Among Print and Non-print Media Professionals 9
Nilesh Thakre and Kavya Prasad
3 Climate Change Perception and Adjustment as the Predictors of Academic Achievement  25
Balbinder Sing, O.P. Sharma, Himalaya Tiwari and Neha Singh
4 Subjective Vitality in Relation to Hope Among Adolescents 37
Poonam Devi, NovRattan Sharma and Deepti Hooda
5 Comparative Assessment of Subjective Well-being Amongst Public and Private Sector Bank Employees 47
Devina Sharma and Uma Joshi
6 Effect of Yoga Practices on Wellbeing 55
Punam Devi Bagi
7 Mental Health of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease   61
Shilpa Kamboj, Anjali Malik and Sarvdeep Kohli
8 Subjective Well-Being, Life Satisfaction and Coping Behavior Among Male and Female Bureaucrats 71
Shivalika Sharma and Gayatri Raina
9 Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Resilience 81
Annu Deepti Hooda and NovRattan Sharma
10 Different  Parenting  Styles Amidst this Era of Internet Technology 89
Ms Bijoyeta Das
11 Quality of Life, Frustration Tolerance, Health Problems and Memory among Non-Yoga and Yoga Practicing Adolescents 97
Dr. Hardeep Lal Joshi and Gaurav Arya
12 Parenting Styles and Self-efficacy among Adolescents 107
Mandeep Sharma
13 Traumatic Stress Among Kashmiri People 119
Touseef Rizvi and S. Reshma Jamal
14 Changing Society’s Attitude Towards Environment by Changing Society’s Culture 127
Dr. Sunita Rani, and Babita Saroha

Vol. 11, No. 1, September, 2016

1 Future Orientation and Time Management as Mediators in Time Stress-Health Relationship 1
Sushma Pandey and Nidhi Gupta 
2 Family Environment and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Adjustment among Female Adolescents  21
Mandeep Sharma and Hardeep Lal Joshi 
3 Emotional States of Traumatic Patients: Pre and Post Intervention 33
Rachana Kumari and Anjana Mukhopadhyay
4 Effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Quality Of Life of Generalized Anxiety Disorder Patients 43
Pallavi Raj and NovRattan Sharma
5 A Comparative Study of Level of Aggression and Family Environment Between Day Worker and Night Worker 53
Shreya Chaudhary and S.K. Srivastava
6 Assessment of Nature of Traumatic Stress among Kashmiri People Living in Low and High Risk Conditions 63
Touseef Rizvi and S. Reshma Jamal
7 Role of Self Efficacy and Locus of Control in Adherence to Medical Regime Among Arthritis Patients 73
Kadambari and Deepti Hooda
8 Problem Solving as a Key Competency for Effective Job Performance of Health Professionals: An Exploratory Study 85
 Shubhakar Gajula and Beena Chintalapuri
9 Life style dimensions as predictors of Psychological Well-being in College Students  97
Mandeep Sharma, Amrita Yadava and NovRattan Sharma

Vol. 10, No. 2, March, 2016

1 Role of Life Events Stress and Work Culture in the Presence of Depressive Symptoms among Executives in Private Sector Organizations 1
A. P. Singh and Vinod Kumar Gupta
2 Health Literacy and Health Problems among Literate and Illiterate Women  12
Ved Prakash Rawat and Dhananjay Kumar
3 Personality as a Predictor of Coping Strategy in Parents having two Children of Different Gender Combinations 20
Arvind K Birdie and Madhu Jain
4 Mental Health of Abused and Non-abused Adolescents: A Comparative Study 31
Damanjit Sandhu and Shubhdip Kaur
5 Behaviour Problems of Mentally Retarded Children as a Function of Level of Retardation, Sleep Disturbances and Circadian Rhythmicity 41
Kamal, H and Hasan, B
6 Relationship of Coping Strategies with Psychological Distress in Kashmiri Migrants 53
Rupan Dhillon and Saima Hafiz
7 Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents: A Qualitative Analysis of Tribal, Government and Corporate Schools 64
J. Ashok and P. Swathi
8 Impact of Body Image on Self-esteem among Adolescents 72
Eulalia Almeida and Shivakumara K.
9 Prevalence and Patterns of Problem Behavior in School Going Children 81
Bharati Roy
10 What Makes Elderly Healthy? An Empirical Inquiry into Psycho-Social Dynamics  90
Shyodan Singh and D. Chao
11 Across Generation study of Subjective Well-being  100
Pooja, Deepti Hooda and NovRattan Sharma 
12 Big Five Personality Factors in Relation to Psychological Empowerment of Female College Students 111
S. Punithavathi and C. Balakrishnamurthy
13 A ‘Mid-life Crisis’ Stuck in the Emotional Past: An Explorative Case Study 117
Anoop Kumar K V  and T. Sasidharan

Vol. 10, No. 1, September, 2015

1 Suicidal Ideation among Students of Professional and Non-professional Courses: A Health Threat 1
Muni Ram and NovRattan Sharma
2 Develoment of Holistic Health Scale 11
Akbar Husain
3 Dispositional Optimism and Health 18
Krishna Kumar Mishra
4 Well-being and Self-esteem of Children of Working Parents: A Cross-cultural Study of Delhi and Kerala 32
Nazirul Hasnain, Mohammad Imran, Muhsina Lubaiba K M Asif 
5 A Study of Identity Crisis and Self-Monitoring in Indian Adolescents 48
Lakshya Rawat,  Pragyendu,  Mahesh K. Darolia, and Soaham Bharti
6 Psychological Capital as Predictor of Subjective Vitality in Bank Employees 56
Sarita Sood and Arti Bakhshi
7 Influence of Dietary Preferences on Inattention, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity in Children 64
Jaya A.T., and Chandana D. Karathully
8 Health Habits, Knowledge and Health Behaviour among School-going Adolescents 71
Salma Kaneez
9 Family Environment in Relation to Emotional Intelligence and Personality  79
10 Analysis of Executive Functions in Children with Learning Disorders 90
Nice Mary Francis
11 Emotional Instability, Emotional-regression and Social Maladjustment of Adolescent Girls Having Experienced  98
Zeba Qamar
12 An Innovative Brief Behaviour Technology for Effective Management of Gays, Lesbians and Queers 102
Prof.  Dr. Vedagiri Ganesan
13 Enhancing Emotional Intelligence among Industrial Workers with the Application of Behavior Technology 105
R. Santhanakrishnan

Vol. 9, No. 2, March, 2015

1 Forgiveness and Wellbeing: An across Generation Study 1
Pooja and Deepti Hooda 
2 Relationships of Flow Experience, Well-being and Achievement  Motivation in Recreational Athletes in Two Countries 13
Alena Slezackova, Karel Riegel, and Pavel Humpolicek
3 Psychological Capital: A Positive Resource to Aid Adjustment and Combating Depressive Symptoms among Health Care Professionals 29
Himani Jain and Rohtash Singh
4 Effect of General Health Status and Social Support on Psychological Well-being Among the Kashmiri Migrants 41
Dharvinder Singh, Karuna Gupta, Arti Bakhshi and Ruby Charak
5 Effect of Sex, Family Type and CHD on Stress and Social Support: An Empirical Study 51
Neeraj Chaudhary
6 The Interface between Diabetes Mellitus and Mental Health: Issues and Challenges 61
Ranjan Pattnaik and Rabindra Kumar Pradhan
7 Coping and Wellbeing in Infertile Males and Females 79
Shilpi Singh and Anubhuti Dubey
8 Effect of Locale and Gender of Cardiovascular Patients on their Coping with Stress 93
Alpna Agarwal and Anshu Agarwal
9 Study of Positive and Negative Emotions in Healthy Controls and CVD Patients 103
Suman Balhara and Nov Rattan Sharma
10 Emotional Aspects of Caregivers of Mentally Ill  113
Meeta Malhotra and Komal Thapa
11 Relational World of Msm (Men –Sex-with-Men)  125
Archana Shukla and Shilpa Singh
12 Personal Effectiveness and Depression in Differently-abled and Normal People  133
P. Swathi and P. Shanthisree

Vol. 9, No. 1, September, 2014

1 Internalised Stigma and Quality of Life in People Living with HIV 1
Divya Singh, Bipin Kumar, Anjana Mukhopadhyay and Anup Singh
2 Effect of Stress and Social Support in Cervix Cancer Patients 11
P.C. Mishra and Swati Pathak
3 Doctor-Patient Communication in Health Care: Issues and Challenges 21
Asher Andrew, Vincent Kallavarapu, Marlyn Thomas and Sunayana Swain
4 Functioning of Emotion and Positive Health: A Co-relational Study among Adults 37
Renu and NovRattan Sharma
5 Impact of Self-Talk and Personality on Emotional Intelligence 51
Meenakshi Chauhan and P.K. Rai
6 Health Locus of Control and Compliance with Medical Regimen: A study of Type 2 Diabetes Patients 65
Musaddiq Jahan
7 Adjustment: An Indicator of Well-being among Young Adults 71
Rekha, Punam Midha and Ritu Rani
8 Psychological Disorders: Comparison between Male and Female Experients and Non-Experients of Paranormal Phenomena 79
Naved Iqbal, Mehfooz Ahmad, Sheema Aleem and Divya Mudgil
9 Re-Validation of the Recovery from Illness Scale by Rasch and Confirmatory Factor Analysis 93
Mohammad Imran Khan and Abhay Kumar Srivastava
10 Stress, Self Regulation and Psychological Wellbeing among Youth 111
Suneesh M.S., Hridya V.M. and Sukanya. B. Menon
11 A Study of Correlation Between Locus of Control and Adherence to Medication in Diabetes Type 2 Patients 121
Kadambari, Swati Singh and Deepti Hooda
12 Rorschach Protocols of Subjective Experience of Well Being in High Creatives 129
B.S. Sandhu, and Tarika Sandhu

Vol. 8, No. 2, March, 2014

1 Role of Locus of Control as a Moderator between the Relationship of Negative Life Event Stress and General Health of Managerial Personnel 1
A.P. Singh and Nitu Singh
2 Study of Burden in Parents of Children with Mental Retardation 13
Kuldeep Singh, Raj Kumar, NovRattan Sharma and Dharmender Kumar Nehra
3 Psychological Distress among People Living with HIV/AIDS  21
Pooja Pandey and Archana Shukla
4 Correlates of Well-Being: A Rural Women Study  31
Kamlesh Singh, Jasleen Kaur, Dalbir Singh and Shradha Suri
5 Coping Behaviour among Army Personnel 43
Shivalika Sharma, Anup Sud and Gayatri Raina
6 Psychological Predictors of Mental Health of School Teachers 51
Mansavee Dubey and G. S. Gujar
7 Impact of Sports Participation on Self-Concept of Higher Secondary Students 71
Samyak Makwana
8 Sexual Molestation of Women: Blame Attribution and Severity of Punishment 81
Vandana Singh and Pramthesh Pandey
9 Impact of Pranayama on Positive Self-evaluation Dimension of General Mental Health amongst Regular and Casual Practitioners 91
O. P. Sharma, S. Bhardwas and H. Tiwari
10 Life Satisfaction and Mental Health of Aged with Reference to North Bihar 101
Anis Ahmad and Gauri Shankar Singh
11 Comparison of Mean and Intra-Individual Variability Scores on Reaction Time as Indices of Neuropsychological Dysfunction 113
Indu Bala and Amrita Yadava

Vol. 8, No. 1, September, 2013

1 A Study of Personality Characteristics and Psychological Distress among Nursing Students 1
Divya Merciline and O.S.  Ravindran
2 A Study of Subjective Well-being, Social Support, Hope, Stress and Coping among the Mothers of Mentally Challenged Children (Caregivers) and Normal Children (Non-caregivers). 9
Kriti Saluja  and Tejinder Kaur
3 Assessment of Emotional Intelligence Across Demographic Variables 21
Narendra Singh and Karnika Gupta
4 Adjustment and Depression among Wives of Alcoholics and Non-alcoholics 41
A. Velayudhan, Priyanka M.S. and Justine K. James 
5 Holistic Health among Male and Female Teachers 51
Fauzia Nazam
6 Positive and Negative Affect in Depressed and Normal Adults 61
Mohammad Anas and Deoshree Akhouri
7 Mood States and Pattern of Adjustment Among Male Alcoholics 69
Bharati Roy
8 A Correlational Study of Religiosity and Health 75
Teenu Nandal, Nov Rattan Sharma and Amrita Yadava
9 Positive Mental Health among the Persons with High Blood Pressure  89
Rita Rani Talukdar and Joysree Das
10 Relationship of Psychosocial Adjustment with Autonomy 95
Suninder Tung and Rupan Dhillon
11 Stress and Psychological Hardiness of Parents of Physically Challenged Children 103
Ankit Prakash, Sheema Aleem, Samina Bano and Naved Iqbal
12 Health-supportive Behaviour, Subjective Health and Life Style of University Students 115
Jaroslava Dosedlová, Zuzana Slováèková and Helena Klimusová
13 Management of Auditory Hallucinations by Cognitive– Behavioural Therapy: A Case Report 133
O.S. Ravindran

Vol. 7, No. 2, March, 2013

1 Impact of Education and Gender on Loneliness and Depression Among Students 1
Archana and Rajbir Singh
2 Mental Health Among Androgynous Female University Teachers, Government Doctors and Government Administrative Officers 11
Rekha Gujjar and Manju Mehta
3 Impact of Economic Status on Quality of Life in Caregivers of Patients with Primary Osteoarthritis of the Knee 23
Shahin Ghani, and Bhupinder Singh
4 The Role of Connectedness to Nature in Adolescents’ Quality of Life 33
Alena Slezackova and Jirina Liliana Doubkova
5 Comparison between Spiritual Behavior and Sleeping Behavior of Diabetics and Non-Diabetics 49
Shraddha Sharma and Ira Das
6 Psychological Factors Underlying Breast Cancer 57
N. Hemalatha and O.S. Ravindran
7 Relation Between Psychosocial Stressors and Life Satisfaction for Army Personnel 67
Shivalika Sharma and Anup Sud
8 Locus of Control and Psychological Health of HIV Infected Patients 73
Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Saroj Verma, Jaya Chakrvarty, and  Shyam Sundar
9 Life Skill and Perceived Home Environment as Predictors of Mental Health and Adjustment Problems among Primary School Children  93
O.P. Sharma Rajshree Tewari and Deshmukh Juhi
10 Coping Strategies in Parkinson’s Disease Patients 105
11 Study of Identity and Well Being Among Adolescents 113
Alka and Nov Rattan Sharma
12 Social Skills Training with a Child with Learning Disorder 125
Parisha Jijina and Uday K. Sinha
13 Poetry Reading: A Means for Health Promotion 133
Nupur Munshi and Manjula Mukerjee

Vol. 7, No. 1, September, 2012

1 Meditation with Autosuggestion for Thought Control and Spirituality in Depressed Female Patients 1
R. Kannappan
2 Emotional Quotient of Software Professionals Before and After Meditation  9
A. A. Pal and Remyashilpa. B. Narahari 
3 Health and Organizational Commitment in Retail and BPO-IT Sector 15
Nilesh Thakre and R.V.  Khubalkar
4 Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and their Carers:  Measuring the Extent of Disability and Family Burden 27
Prakashi Rajaram, Nalini A. and Priya Treesa Thomas
5 Physical and Psychological Problem, Residential Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction – A Study on Elderly 39
Swaha Bhattacharya
6 Quality of Life in the Rural Settings: A Psychological Analysis 49
P.S.N. Tiwari and A.B. Singh
7 Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Life Satisfaction of Police Personnel in Uttar Pradesh 61
Vertika Singh and P.C. Mishra
8 Positive Affect: A Key factor in Coping 71
Pushpa Misra and Rupam Singh
9 Health Locus of Control in Diabetics 79
Ruth Angiel Padiri and Meera Padhy
10 Thantaphobia (Death Anxiety) as Related to Religiosity: A Case of Elderly Women 89
Sonam Dullat and Sangeeta Trama
11 Stress Among Pain and Palliative Care Cancer Patients 99
A. Velayudhan and S. Gayatridevi
12 Home Environment, Academic Anxiety and Happiness Among Adolescents 107
Pooja Sangwan and Madhu Anand
13 Time Out: A Behavioural Intervention Approach 115
Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani  and Shamsur Rehman Khan
14 Psychological Capital (Psycap) in Relation to Employees’ Wellness 123
Kaveri Chauhan and NovRattan Sharma
15 Self-concept, Temperament, Anxiety, Dependence-Independence and Adjustment of Adolescent Girls Witnessing Domestic Violence 135
Mohammad Ghufran and Zeba Qamar
16 Management of Acute Examination Phobia with Brief Behaviour Technology 143
Rajesh Ganesan

Vol. 6, No. 2, March, 2012

1 General Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence of Working and Non-working Women 1
Asha P. and Suneetha J. Hangal
2 Influence of Spiritual Intelligence and Perceived Social Support on Quality of Life among Married Women 9
S. Shobhana and T. Lavanya
3 History of Childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Constraint in the Treatment of Substance Abuse 21
K. N. Jayakumar, A. Velayudhan and K. Selvaraj
4 A Study of Frustration among Rural and Urban School Going Adolescents 33
Shyam Lata Juyal and Nidhi Sharma
5 A Voyage to Treat the Threats of Psychiatric Services at Amanuel Hospital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 41
Shimelis Dejene Yegletu and  M. V. R. Raju 
6 Positive Health Consequences among Employed and Unemployed Women: Self-Efficacy and Perfectionism 55
Gagandeep Kaur
7 Impact of Perceived Stress and Locus of Control on Conflict Resolution Styles 67
Sachin, Krishan Kumar, Brij Lata Kotia, Rajeev Dogra
8 Psychological Resilience and Self-regulation Among Adults with Type-I Diabetes 77
Annalakshmi Narayanan and Ragitha Radhakrishnan
9 Reducing Stress in Police Officers: A Study of Motivational Factors and Job Involvement 85
P.C. Mishra and Minum Shyam
10 Prevalence of Disordered Eating Among Young Female College Students  95
C. Kalaivani Ashok and S. Karunanidhi 
11 Religion and Health: An Inquiry into the Relationship 113
A.K. Srivastava and Anshula Krishna
12 Emotion Regulation, Rumination and Quality of Life: A Comparison of Type D and non-Type D Hypertensive Patients 121
Das Ambika Bharti and Anjana Mukhopadhyay
13 Emotional Intelligence in Relation to Self Esteem 131
Meera S Neelakantan
14 A Comparative Study of Stress Among Nurses Working in Private and Government Hospital  133
Jeetendra K. Pansuriya

Vol. 6, No. 1, September, 2011

1 Effect of Activity, Financial and Social Support on Well-being of Senior Citizens 1
O.P. Sharma & Juhi Deshmukh
2 Positive and Negative Side of Work-Family Interface and Psychological Well-being: An Empirical Study 10
Shamini Srivastava, Urmila R. Srivastava & A. K. Srivastava
3 Efficacy of Stress Coping Strategies on Physiological Stress Arousal Level of Police Officers 25
C. Balakrishnamurthy & T. Elangovan.
4 Reliability Studies of Anxiety, Depression and Stress Scale: Development of ADSS 32
Megha Singh, Pallavi Bhatnagar & Manoj Pandey
5 Effect of “Diabetes Patient Education” on Anxiety, Depression and Perceived Stress among Type 2 Diabetics 42
Mohammad Ghahremani Khorram Jyoti. S. Madgaonkar & R. Kevin Rowell
6 Hope: A Buffer Against Personal Stress During Emerging Adulthood 52
Suvashisa Rana & Pravakar Duari
7 Emotional Competence of Delinquent Adolescents 64
Shivakumara. K. & P. S. Halyal
8 Effectiveness of Intervention Programs for Children with Dyslexia & Dysgraphia 73
M. Jayanthi & S. Kadhiravan
9 Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Self-regulation of Cardiac Patients and Normal Individuals 79
Tejbeer Kaur & Gurminder Sokhey
10 General Health and Psychological Distress among Students of Aligarh Muslim University 91
Masood-ul Hassan, Md. Jasimuddin & Heena Parveen
11 Enhancement of Adjustment in Alcoholics Through Positive Therapy 96
N.S. Rohini & J. Vijayalakshmi
12 Type A Behavior Pattern and Self Efficacy: Health Implications 102
Meera Padhy
13 Psycho-Social Correlates of Achievement Motivation in Students 109
Suninder Tung & Kiranjeet Kaur
14 Big Five Personality Traits and Burnout in Resident Doctors: A Correlational Study 119
Deepika Govil & Shalini Singh
15 Traditional Dietry Hab1it of the Tribals and its Impact on the Health and Nutrition of the Tribal Children 127
Rita Rani Talukdar
16 Vipassana Meditation – A Positive Approach to Psychological Well-Being 131
Ritu Modi & Abha Singh
17 Depression and Suicidal Tendency of Blind and Sighted Students 135
Bhini M. Karavadara
18 Impact of Dance on Mental Health 138
Savita Vaghela

Vol. 5, No. 2, March, 2011

1 Effect of Physical Exercise on Health Consciousness 1
N.V.V.S. Narayana
2 Role of Emotional Intelligence and Perceived Parental Support in Happiness among Young Adults 15
Hardeep Lal Joshi & Narender
3 Patient Care in Intensive Care Units (ICUs): Biopsychosocial Assessment 25
Meena Hariharan & Usha Chivukula
4 Effect of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence on Psychological well being in Long Term Yoga Practitioners 37
Uma Mittal & Safia Akhtar
5 Depression, Emotional Quotient and Locus of Control of Software Professionals Before and After Meditation 51
Ramyashilpa, B. Narahari & A.A. Pal
6 Marital Adjustment of the Female Partners of Dual Career Couples as a Function of Personality Dimensions and Menstrual Status 59
Praveena Tiwari & B. Hasan
7 Resilience and Mental Health: A Study on Adolescents in Varanasi  69
Amrita Deb & Meenakshi Arora
8 Factor Structure of Values-in-Action (VIA) in Diseased and Non-diseased Adults 81
Priti, Amrita Yadava & NovRattan Sharma
9 Death Anxiety and Well-Being among Old Age People 91
N. Hasnain, Samina Bano and Sana Asif Siddiqui
10 Impact of Oral Health related Quality of Life in Elderly with and without Dentures 97
Punam Midha & Sonia Malik
11 Art – The Way to Health and Well being 105
Nanika Singh

Vol. 5, No. 1, September, 2010

1 Disability in Pervasive Developmental Disorders: A Comparative Study with Mental Retardation in India  1
Krishan Kumar, V. K. Sinha,  B.L. Kotia and  Sushil Kumar
2 Predictors of Healthiness Among DiabetIcs 9
Ajay Tayal and Rajbir Singh
3 The Frustration-reactions and Psychopathology in the Children of Victims of Violence 19
Harprit Kaur, LokRaj and Jojanjit
4 Depression at Risk, Vulnerable and Normal Adolescents: A Comparison of Mental Health 27
Shatarupa Chattopadhyay and Anjana Mukhopadhyay
5 Adolescents’ Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour on the Issues Related to their Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health: An Empirical Study  37
Madhu Jain and Adesh Chaturvedi
6 Physical and Mental Health as Correlate of Successful Ageing among Rural & Urban Aged 51
A.K. Srivastava, Anjali Srivastava and Akhilesh Shrivastava
7 Women’s General Health and Anxiety Following Cesarean and Normal Delivery 59
Vijayalaxmi A. Aminabhavi and Deepa L. Hunagund
8 Death Anxiety Among Institutionalized and Non-Institutionalized Elderly 67
Parameswari. J and M. Elango
9 Depression and Anxiety Level of Heroin Addicts 75
K. S. Pathak and A. Mukhopadhyay
10 An Empirical Study of Self-concept among Delinquent Adolescents and Normal Adolescents 81
Shivakumara. K and P. S. Halyal
11 Predictors of Emotion Regulation among Adolescents  89
Pushpa Misra and Ridhima Shukla
12 Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Alcoholism 99
Ranjana Tiwari, D. Ram, A.S. Srivastava and S.S. Kaushik
13 Test Anxiety in Relation to Behavioral Problems of School Students 109
S. Sasikala and S. Karunanidhi
14 Relationship Among Gratitude, Hope and Well–Being in Daily  Wages Labourers 121
Arun Kumar, Sujata and Deepti Hooda

Vol. 4, No. 2, March, 2010

1 Adolescent Health-risk Behaviours, Emotional Autonomy and Identity Formation 1
N.S. Tung, Damanjit Sandhu and Bikramjeet Singh
2 Temperament and Social Competence Amongst Children: Implications for Well-being 19
Shweta and Gurminder Sokhey
3 Depression and Well-Being: Experiences from Kumaon Hills in Uttaranchal 37
Aradhana Shukla
4 Role of Coping in Stress-health Relationship 45
A.P. Singh and Sadhana Singh
5 Correlates of Suicide Ideation among Employed Unmarried Adults at two age Levels 55
V.V. Upmanyu, Manmohan Singh, Amit Kumar Dwivedi and Roshan Lal
6 Active, Adaptive and Maladaptive Coping Strategies in Relation to Mental Health of Police Personnel 69
Shweta Singh and P.C. Mishra
7 Psycho-social Predictors of Happiness Disposition in the Genders 77
Anita Sharma and Dalip Malhotra
8 Coping with HIV in Relation to Personality 85
Sunita Malhotra, Rajesh Nair and Sapna Sachdeva Nair
9 Clinical Hypnotherapy in People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Study of Disease Progression and Coping Strategies 99
Urmi Nanda Bishwas
10 Visual-fine Motor Translation Difficulties: A Case Analysis of Writing Disability 121
T. Sasidharan and V.G. Sreedevi
11 Effect of Religiosity on Anxiety and Depression in Nurses 129
Sanjay Kumar and Bhawna Devi
12 Does Obesity Influence Well-being ? 137
H.S. Asthana, Sunita Asthana, and P.D. Bhatt
13 Reducing Anxiety through Yogic Practices 143
Bishamber Singh and Surendra Kumar Sia

Vol. 4, No. 1, September, 2009

1 Health Cognitions and Subjective Well-being in Middle-aged and Older Adults 1
Rajbir Singh and Dinesh
2 Effect of Positive Emotions on Health 13
Sangeeta Trama and Harjinder Kaur
3 Health Status and Recovery from Illness: Role of Personality Attributes 25
Abhay K. Srivastava and M. Imran Khan
4 Impact of Hardiness, Age and Sex on Health Maintenance Behaviour 35
Asiya Aijaz
5 Social Support and Mental Ill Health Among Older Housewives 45
Aradhana Srivastava and Reeta Kumar
6 Prediction of Happiness among Tribal Students of Himachal Pradesh 57
Anita Sharma, Mausami Thapa and Dalip Malhotra
7 Psychometric Properties of Hindi Translated Version of Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS) 65
Kamlesh Singh and Rajneesh Choubisa
8 Prevalence and Association of Burnout with Organizational Commitment, Job Involvement, Extraversion and Human Energy Field Analysis in Nurses  77
Monika Sharma, Manvir Bhatia and Nalini Kaul
9 Intervention Focused on the Elimination of Specific Phobias 89
R. Kannappan
10 Effectiveness of Intervention Program for the Children with Adhd 99
Jayanthi. M and S. Kadhiravan
11 Emotional Intelligence and Neuroticism 107
J.C. Ajawani
12 Predictors of Psychological Distress Among Childless Women 111
Hardeep Lal Joshi, Mandeep Sharma and Bindu

Vol. 3, No. 2, March, 2009

1 Resilience: Being Well in Difficulty 1
Aradhana Shukla
2 Mental Health of Employees: Impact of Work Culture 13
Nishi Misra, Updesh Kumar and Vijay Parkash
3 Adjustment Among Adolescents: Role of Self Efficacy and Family Environment 28
Mandeep Sharma and Hardeep Lal Joshi
4 Social Support and Mental Ill Health Among Older Housewives 38
Reeta Kumar and Aradhana Srivastava
5 Psychological Correlates of Breast Cancer: An Exploratory Study 50
Sushila Pareek, Uma Mittal, Asha Hingar and Surabhi
6 Study of Mental Health among Software Professionals 62
Anupama Anaparti and Beena Chintalapuri
7 Emotional Competence and Aggressive Behaviour of Institutionalised Delinquents and Normal Adolescents 69
Sri. Shiva Kumar K. and P.S. Halyal
8 Psychiatric Symptoms, Type a Personality Pattern and Stress Coping Strategies of Diabetics and Non-Diabetics 77
S. Subramanian and D.V. Nithyanandan
9 Development of Health Consciousness Scale 87
N.V.V.S. Narayana
10 Development of a Psychometric Measure of Occupational Health 103
Aparna Bhardwaj and A.K. Srivastava
11 Perceived Illness Severity (PIS) Among Cancer Patients: An Exploration of Dimensions of PIS and Construction of a Scale 111
Aparna Mehrotra and Shikha Dixit
12 School Refusal Related Health Problems and its Management  125
Rajesh Ganesan

Vol. 3, No. 1, September, 2008

1 Healthy Psychosocial Development of Adolescents in Context to Family 1
Suninder Tung and Damanjit Sandhu
2 Psychological Aspects of Chronic Renal Failure 12
Sarvdeep Kohli and H.K. Aggarwal
3 Affect, Judgment and Endowment-Contrast Effect 19
Varsha Singh and Azizuddin Khan
4 A Comparative Study of Chronic Illness beliefs of Cancer and Diabetic Women 27
P. Awasthi and R. C. Mishra
5 Maintaining Quality of Life in Adversity: A Study on Chronically Ill Patients 50
Anubhuti Dubey & Adesh Agarwal
6 Prolonged Exposure to Air Pollution in Relation to Psychosomatic and Pychophysiological Parameters  64
Neelam Rathee and Rajbir Singh
7 Family Environment as a Determiner of the Development of STD and Drug Addiction and its Consequent Fallout on Neuroticism & Stress 72
Anita Sharma, Shilpa, Natasha, Kartar and  Dalip Malhotra
8 A Study of Stress and Anxiety among Youth Smokers and Non-smokers 83
Irfat Ara Khan and  S.K. Srivastava
9 Youth Empowerment through Constructive Alignment of Emotions 89
Nidhi Maheshwari and Madhu Jain
10 Mental Health of Adolescents Working as Labourers in Carpet Industry 97
M. Ghufran
11 Study of Rorschach Responses of Sero-positive Pregnant Women 108
Archana Maniram and Samir J Patel
12 Effect of Yogic Package on the Patients of Diabetes Mellitus 117
Charu Sharma

Vol. 2, No. 1, September, 2007

1 Psycho-Physiological Mechanism of Spirituality-Health Relationship: Theoretical Conceptualisation 1
A. K. Srivastava and A. Krishna
2 Positive Predictors of Health 10
Shyodan Singh and Rekha Pareek
3 Psychosocial Factors as Modulators of Human Immune Function: An Appraisal 20
Radhey Shyam and Renu
4 Role of Psycho-Social Factors in Preterm Delivery and Low Birth Weight: A Critical Review1 35
Urmila R. Srivastava, Manjari Singh and Madhu Jain
5 Understanding Adolescent Depression 52
Aruna Broota, Shohag Dey and Rupinder Kaur
6 Social Support and Psychological Well-being among University Male Teachers 67
Monika Srivastava and P.C. Mishra
7 Well Being in Kumaun as Affected by Employment Level, Sex and Age: A Developmental Analysis
Ruchi Kakkar and Aradhana Shukla
8 Physiological Relaxing Effects of Counselling in HIV Positive Patients 87
Sunita Gupta and Meenakshi Sharma
9 Coping with Anger and Self-esteem Across Gender and Age Groups 94
Nutankumar S. Thingujam
10 Mental Health and Intelligence of Sportspersons 107
Rajitha Menon. A., Santhosh. A.M. and C. Jayan
11 A Comparative Study of Organisational Role Stress among Bank Employees  115
Nirmala Kaushik, Joginder Kairo and Jyotsana
12 Psychological Management of Chronic Pain 121
S. Kumar and S. Mohanty

Vol. 1, No. 2, March, 2007

1 Mental Health Care for Better Living 151
Purnima Mathur
2 The Management of Pain in Cancer Patients Through Psychological Intervention 167
S. R. Khan, Shiveta Gandotra & Probhjot Kour
3 Yoga and Psychophysiological Disorders 186
S. K. Srivastava and Sweta Maheshwari
4 The Role of Psychosocial Contributors on Pathways to Well-being 195
Shyodan Singh, Meenakshi Malik & Reema
5 Effect of Life Events Stress on Mental Health of Managers: The Role of Coping 205
A.P. Singh & A.K. Singh
6 Personality and Self-related Cognitions in High and Low Burnout Female Teachers 217
Meena Kumari
7 Social Skills Problem in Children: A study of parenting practices 226
Madhu Mathur
8 Spirituality: The New Frontier for Counselor Education and Training 233
Akbar Husain
9 Challenges of Working with Older Adults in Twenty First Century 238
Sandhya Singh Kaushik

Vol. 1, No. 1,  September, 2006

1 Understanding Health: A Biopsychosocial Model  1
Shyodan Singh
2 Biopsychosocial Perspective of Health Psychology:  An Empirical Tryout 8
Rajbir Singh, Sunita Malhotra, Promila Batra, Amrita Yadava, Nov Rattan Sharma, Radhey Shyam, Shalini Singh and Satish Kumar
3 Type-A Behaviour in Relation to Health of Working Women 29
Manju Mehta and Seema Kalra
4 Psycho-Gynaecology: Management of Problems Related to Menstruation and its Various Phases Using Cognitive and Relaxation Therapies 37
C.N. Mathur
5 Psychological Management of Asthma: Single Case Design 46
Naveen Grover, George D’Souza, K. Thennarasu, and V. Kumaraiah
6 Managing the Emotional Terrain: Psychological Defenses and Emotional Ambivalence in the Organisation 52
Garima Kumar
7 Study of General Mental Health in Relation to Personality 67
Nov Rattan Sharma, Ashok Sharma, and Amrita Yadava
8 Parenting and Childhood Disorders 76
Vandana Sharma, and Gurpreet K. Sandhu
9 Cognitive Rehabilitation: A Multimodal Approach 98
Ashum Gupta
10 Concept and Sources of Happiness: A Field Survey 107
Radhey Shyam and Rajbir Singh
11 Psychological Aspects of Cancer Pain Patients 116
Baljit Singh
12 Anger and Cigarette Smoking 122
Anuradha Bhandari
13 Social Support and Quality of Life: A Gender Based Study amongst Health Care Professionals 131
Sarika Juneja, Sunita Malhotra, and Sapna Sachdeva Nair
14 Stressful Life Events and Tension Headache 139
S. Kumar, S.P. Gupta, S. Mohanty, and S. Kulshrestha