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Experiential Applied Psychology

Author : G. Venkatesh Kumar & NovRattan
ISBN : 978-81-8220-708-0
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2016
Pages : 266
Size : 8×6
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1,500.00INR 1,300.00


About the Book

Applications of psychology are limitless and free from physical boundaries. Now a days, relevance of psychology has been remarkably recognized and established in almost every small or big field of life across age ,gender and socio- cultural groups. The multi fold applications around the globe have given great and great impetus to the new and innovative horizons at living, schooling and working sectors. The policy decision makers at governmental/ non- governmental agencies have also started to realize as well as recognize the workable enriching outcomes that are purely based on psychological researches.

Present volume is a sincere effort to consolidate the current knowledge in the fields of applied psychology from an experiential perspective. The experiential perspective is not only the best form of learning but also the most effective functional tool in the hands of practicing psychologists/ social scientists to foster the desirable changes and enabling the people to transform themselves at optimal levels. The selected articles cover the empirical data as well as review based researches ranging from early adolescents to aged participants where diversified research ideas have been accommodated as well as put for scientific verification. The contents and scope of the book also vary from small simple behavioral unit to big complex behavior patterns. Methodology used by the investigators also vary from general observations to highly standardized , sophisticated, technical and structural frame of scientific body. The major focus throughout the text has been to demonstrate the first class psychological applications and build up high class experiential knowledge to yield the  maximum  implications for the benefit of mankind.

About the Editors

G. Venkatesh Kumar is Professor and Chairman, DOS in Psychology at University of Mysore, Mysore. With a throughout first class background in his academics, Prof. Kumar has a teaching and research experience of more than thirty years. He has served the department as Chairman for three terms and also worked as the Director , UGC- Academic Staff College of his university for six years. With  vast teaching , research and administrative experiences, he has published 65 research articles and five books. He has successfully guided 23 Ph.D scholars. His areas of research and extension work includes Counselling, Health Psychology and Life Skills Development. More than ten prestigious awards ,including a Best Teacher Award, have been conferred upon him. He has widely travelled around the globe ( name few places such as Australia ,Seoul, USA, UK and Ireland) for the various academic pursuits. He is the life member of ten professional and Academic organisations. Prof. Kumar has also been on the expert panel of SSC, ATI,KPA BVB, TCS, JK Vikrant and many other GO and NGO groups. He has been extensively engaged in community service programs by offering counselling and training to the participants. Prof. Kumar has visited more than fifteen schools and colleges of Mysore as trainer and as many as 250 workshops have been conducted  on Stress Management, Leadership, Motivation and Attitude change for KAS and IAS officers and college / university teachers. At present, he is Regional President ( South) of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology. 

Nov Rattan Sharma is working as professor of Psychology at M. D. University , Rohtak (Haryana). With a teaching and research experience of more than 32 years, Professor Sharma has contributed 132 research articles to various journals and books of international repute. In order to participate in academic programs of National and International levels, he has traveled extensively and so far one hundred  two seminars, conferences and workshops are to his credit. He has edited ten books with a variety of applied research areas. Around  25 research scholars have successfully completed their doctoral thesis under his supervision. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards like Prof. (Mrs.) Manju Thakur Memorial Award ;Prof. Mrs. Anima Sen Award;  Best Psychologist  Award, 2014; Ugadi Puraskaram State Award , 2015 and Best Citizen Gold Medal Award. Prof. Sharma is the life member of thirteen Professional and Academic bodies. At present he is the Secretary of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology. Being  the Deputy Co-Ordinator of DRS- I,II and III SAP of UGC in the department , Prof. Sharma has been actively engaged in the health assessment , awareness and promotion programs. In addition to researches on Indian Psychology, his broad area of research is Personality and Positive Health. His majority of researches encompasses one or the other intervention on behavioural transformation. Prof. Sharma is the Editor of Indian Journal of Health Psychology since its inception. 


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