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Global Journal of Business Management (Vol. 16, No. 2, December 2022)


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Global Journal of Business Management (GJBM) is an internationally renowned peer reviewed and refereed journal. It provides a platform for researchers/ professionals to publish their high quality research papers in management and its allied disciplines and maintains highest ethical and technical standards. It gives us immense pleasure to present December 2022 issue of Global Journal of Business Management. We owe this edition to the hard work of our academicians and researchers. The present issue touches upon some of the current matters in business management and its related fields. Seven papers of this issue covering various functional areas of management have been rigorously selected.
The first paper of Clifford Obiyo Ofurum, Solomon Egbe and Morris Ebikeniye Sawyer examines a nexus between domestic debt management and two dimensions of economic development— the human development index and foreign currency reserve. In the second paper, K. Suresh explores consumer experience and the designation fidelity in the tourism and hostel assiduity, and identifies the factors impacting clients in the tourism sector. The third paper of Ruchika Gupta and Amirul Hasan Ansari explores the influence of self-perceived employ ability on the job outcomes of recently employed graduates in small and medium enterprises. The fourth paper of Seema Choudhary deals with orthodox thinking of society which changes their reactions or their norms when actions are performed by a male and the same is performed by a female. In the fifth paper, Swati and Dr. Sadaf Siraj has made an attempt to explore green innovation and initiatives which consist of all ideas and technologies that are environment-friendly viz. green process innovation, green product innovation, and green technology innovation for sustainable tourism. Next paper by Tumpa Dey is a review on the Antecedents and consequences of workplace incivility. In the last paper, Dr. Sunita Gupta has discussed on different aspects of work from home.
All the papers report a plethora of findings that should be of interest to researchers. We are grateful to all contributors and reviewers for their valuable inputs. We hope that our readers will be benefited from the knowledge so generated. We look forward to the continuous support of our contributors and reviewers, and invite papers, recommendations and discussions for forthcoming issues.

Editorial (iii)
1 Debt Management and Economic Development: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria 1
Clifford Obiyo Ofurum, Solomon Egbe and Morris Ebikeniye Sawyer
2 Consumer Experience and Designation Loyalty in Tourism and Hotel Sites 21
Mr. K. Suresh
3 The Effect of Self-perceived Employability on Job Outcomes of Recently Employed Graduates in Small and Medium Enterprises 35
Ruchika Gupta & Amirul Hasan Ansari 
4 Gender Decides: Morals and Ethics 45
Seema Choudhary
5 Green Innovation for Sustainable Tourism: A Study of Select Cases from India 53
Swati and Dr. Sadaf Siraj
6 The Antecedents and Consequences of Workplace Incivility: A Literature Review  61
Tumpa Dey
7 Work from Home: The Way Forward 67
Dr. Sunita Gupta


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