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Journal of Indian Health Psychology (Vol. 14 No. 1, September, 2019)


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Editors : Prof. Rajbir Singh & Prof. NovRattan Sharma
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The current issue of the Journal of Health Psychology has eight research articles that deal with variety of psychosocial issues relating to health and illness. The first article by Mili Maity and Bishnupada Nanda studied depression, anxiety, and stress among women with and without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). They reported that women with (PCOS) have higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Aradhana Shukla assessed school supportiveness and negative mental health in school students. The next article by Punithavathi S. and Visnumalini V. enlisted in this issue focuses on friendship quality among only children and children with siblings. They reported no significant difference between the children with and without siblings in their level of Friendship Quality. The following study by Pankaj Kaushik and Novrattan Sharma attempts to study the relationship between forgiveness, gratitude and hope in young adult working women. Mohini and Nov Rattan Sharma studied gender difference on friendship and love attitude among adolescents. The authors have reported significant differences between male and female adolescents on Friendship (Enjoyment, Acceptance, Respect, understanding and Spontaneity) and on Love Attitude (Eros, Ludus & Mania). The next article by Rekha and Deepti Hooda studied eating behaviour, BMI and executive functions among adolescents. Adolescents having healthy eating behaviour possessed significantly better executive functions than unhealthy eating behaviour adolescents. Vijaya Ratinam Ramah, Balan Rathakrishnan, Azizi Yahaya, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin and Koay Ting Yin, in the next article assessed the influence of social-connectedness on psychological wellbeing of Indian school dropouts at Myskills foundation. Priyanka and Rajbir Singh examined the effectiveness of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the management of depression through a case based analysis. The next article by Kalpna and Nov Rattan Sharma studied the role of personality in cognitive failure. This issue also includes a review of the book “Managing Work Place Stress: Theory and Practice” by Dharmender Nehra and Rajiv Gupta. The reviewer, Arunima, found the book to be value for professionals working in the field of mental health. Book deals with work place stress, unhealthy lifestyle, mental health and strategies to cope with stress and manage mental health at workplace.
All the articles enlisted in this issue are empirical and will provide direction for young researchers. Editors express gratitude to all the contributors for their research contributions. Editors are also grateful to the referees and members of editorial board for their valuable inputs.

1  Depression, Anxiety and Stress of Women with and Without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  1
Mili Maity and Bishnupada Nanda 
2  Experiencing School Supportiveness: Assessment of Negative Mental Health in Children  10
Aradhana Shukla 
3 Only Children and Children with Siblings: A Comparative Study on Friendship Quality  22
Punithavathi S and Visnumalini V 
4 A Study of Forgiveness, Self-efficacy and Hope in Young Working Women  31
Pankaj Kaushik and Nov Rattan Sharma 
5 Effect of Gender on Friendship and Love Attitude among Adolescents  39
Mohini and Nov Rattan Sharma 
6 Effect of Eating Behaviour and BMI on Executive Functions Among Adolescents  49
Rekha and Deepti Hooda 
7 Influence of Social-connectedness on Psychological Wellbeing of Indian School Dropouts at Myskills Foundation  62
Vijaya Ratinam Ramah, Balan Rathakrishnan, Azizi Yahaya, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Mohammad RahimKamaluddin, and Koay Ting Yin 
8 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Moderate Depression- Case Based Analysis 73
Priyanka and Rajbir Singh
9 Personality and Cognitive Failure: Implications in Health Psychology 78
Kalpna, and Nov Rattan Sharma
Book Review
Managing Work Place Stress: Theory and Practice  88
(Authors: Dharmender Nehra and Rajiv Gupta)
Review by: Arunima


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