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Psychology of Sports Performance Applications, Interventions and Methods


Author : Dr. Shyodan Singh
ISBN : 978-93-86603-12-8
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2018
Pages : 400
Size : 14×21 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1,500


About the Book

Psychology of Sports Performance: Applications, Interventions and Methods is about use of psychological – applications and methods for winning, and interventions for improving performance because it focuses on understanding how athletes succeed and assisting athletes and coaches in achieving their best performance. It is about learning how good you are and discovering how far you can go; it is about the joys of teamwork and striving for team goal that is greater than any individual goal; it is about enjoying each moment because neither success nor failure is permanent, so if the journey is not worthwhile, the destination is not worth reaching. And it is about the wonders of self-discovery, learning to understand how you respond to pressure, and how you can make yourself better every day by learning from your experience. This edition begins with an interesting introduction of psychology of sport and proceeds to first section to clarify the role of health and well-being in performance. Second section of this book pays attention to psychological interventions in enhancing performance, managing stress and anxiety. Third section of this book focuses on use of anxiety as a tool of elite performance. This book provides sound information to the field and will serve as a valuable tool to understand psychology of sport performance.

About the Editors

Dr. Shyodan Singh is a lecturer of Psychology in Dr. Zakir Hussain College, New Delhi. He has been won several awards in sport at university level. He has completed Ph.D from University of Delhi, Delhi and honoured for Research Fellowship by UCG. He has taught in Delhi University and M.D. University Rohtak (Haryana) and also worked as a Research Officer in Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) New Delhi. He has also been coordinator and resource person in several academic programmes. He has published several research papers, articles, and book reviews in National and International Journals. He has also presented papers in several National and International Conferences. He is co-editor of the book on “Psychoneuroimmunology”.


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