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Science of Hindu Architecture


Author : D.N. Shukla
ISBN : 9788119462056
Edition : Reprint
Year : 2024
Size : 14.5×21.5 Cm
Page 200
Price : INR 1495
Subject : Hinduism


About the Book

This book deals with the basic concepts such as the philosophy,  cosmology, metaphysics, astronomy, astrology, geography, geology and history of science of hindu architecture. The definition of the Architect and his theoretical/practical experience are also mentioned. The remaining chapters deal with canonical literature in which Vastu-Shastra can be traced as well as a detailed study of some of the prime works dealing with the science of Indian Architecture, such as the Samarangana-sutradhara,  Vishvakarma’s work, Aparajitapriccha, Manasara, Mayamata and Shilparatna. Hope this book will be helpful to the students,  teachers and scholars of Indian Architecture.

About the Author

Dr D N Shukla, a renowned Indologist, had a deep acquaintances with Vastu Shashtra and dealt with the subject in a very scientific manner As Sanskrit lore is a rich store-house of technical sciences and arts but no systematic presentation of the same has been done so far. From this point of view Dr. Shukla’s dedicated efforts in this realm of our ancient wisdom is a matter of great satisfaction. He has published more than half a dozen works on the subject of the Hindu canons of architecture, sculpture (iconography) and painting. Sanskrit scholars Dr Shukla constituted Vâstuúâstra,  Úilpaúâstra and Citraúâstra based on his Ph. D. and D.Litt. These theses were published with the grants received from the University Grants Commission considering these works as of high merit and high research scholarship. Dr. Shukla deserves still greater credit and greater praise not only for the work done but for his high devotion to Sanskrit research in this branch of Indology. Probably he is the first earnest research scholar in this field.


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