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Spot Your Leadership Style: Build Your Leadership Brand


Author : M.S. Rao
ISBN : 9789388612869
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2019
Pages : 256
Size : 7×4
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1,150


About the Book

Author, leadership expert and the founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India, Professor M.S.Rao crafts and defines 28 leadership styles in Spot Your Leadership Style – Build Your Leadership Brand.  This book hits the bulls’ eye dead on.  I strongly recommend you read and re-read it until it becomes a part of you.” — Chris Widener, leadership expert, Author of The Art of Influence and The Leadership Rules Leadership means different things to different people as there are number of definitions about leadership.  In addition, there are several styles and types in leadership. Anybody and everybody can become a leader as leadership is hidden in every individual.  However, few individuals fail to discover and tap their hidden leadership potential. This book is an endeavor to tap the hidden leader within you and awaken the leadership within you.  

• The book helps you

• Discover the leader within you

• Unlock your leadership potential

• Spot your leadership style

• Build your leadership brand.

The book contains several chapters starting with inspirational information that only good followers can excel as good leaders. It differentiates between leaders and followers. It distinguishes leaders from bosses followed by various styles and types in leadership.  It busts several leadership myths with truths.  It provides the tools for building your leadership brand. The book concludes with several common leadership characteristics that are essential to excel as a successful leader in this 21st century. The book is beneficial to all those who would like to build their leadership brand and also to educators, employees, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and above all, students.

About the Author

Professor M.S.Rao has almost three decades of experience in leadership development.  He is a trainer, teacher, author, orator, mentor, researcher, consultant and leadership practitioner who conducts training programs for various corporate and educational institutions. He is a specialist in Soft Skills and Leadership Training.  His areas of interest include Leadership Development, Soft Skills, Self-improvement, Corporate Training and Entrepreneurship.

He is the author of the books Secrets for Success – Failure is only a Comma, Not a Full Stop and Soft Skills -Enhancing Employability.  He has published more than 150 papers and articles in various international magazines like ‘Chief Learning Officer’ and ‘Personal Excellence’ and journals like ‘Emerald’ and ‘International Journal of Professional Management’ (UK) ‘The Journal of Values-Based Leadership’ and ‘Academic Leadership’ (US) and ‘Career-Journal’ (Germany). He is the Founder and Chief Consultant for MSR Leadership Consultants, India, member of Emerald Literati Network, UK, Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Professional Management and Promota Magazine, UK and, Germany. He can be reached at:  and additionally maintains a popular Blog titled ‘Where Knowledge is Wealth’ – URL



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