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The Black Yajurveda


Author : Translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith & Compiled by Dr. N.K. Singh
ISBN : 978-81-19462-38-4
Edition : 1st
Year : 2024
Size : 14.5×21.5 Cm
Page 648
Price : INR 950
Subject : Veda


The Black Yajurveda is an unorganized, obscure, mostly collection of verses as opposed to White Yajurveda. Four revisions of the Black Yajurveda have survived to the present day. The most recent tier of Yajurvedic texts contains the largest collection of primary Upanishads that have influenced various schools of Hindu philosophy. In Black Yajurveda, the texts of Brahmanas are intermingled or mixed with the texts of Samhita in each ascension, creating a motley prose and poetry, unclear and disorganized. Most of the extant manuscripts and revisions of the Black Yajurveda Samhita, Aranyaka and Brahmana remain untranslated into Western languages. The authoritative translations date from the British colonial period is AB Keith’s translation of Taitiriya Samhita from the Black Yajurveda. This text is a useful source of information on agricultural, economic and social life in Vedic times. For example, this verse lists the types of crops that were considered important in ancient India. Hope this book will be helpful to understand Indian heritage and spirituality.
Ralph T.H. Griffith was an eminent English Indologist and a member of the Indian Education Service. He was the first Europeans to translate four Vedas into English. He was more interested in translating Vedic books into English, and did most of his translations while living, teaching and researching in India. He also produced translations of other Sanskrit literature, including a verse version of the Ramayana of Maharshi Valmiki and the Kumara Sambhava of Kalidas.



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