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The Law of the New Thought: A Study of Fundamental Principles and Their Application


Author : William Walker Atkinson
ISBN : 978-81-8220-809-4
Edition : 1st
Year : 2017
Pages : 164
Size : 21×14Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 350
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About the Book

The Law of New Thought (also known as “Higher Thought”) promotes the ideas that Infinite Intelligence, or God, is everywhere, spirit is the totality of real things, true human selfhood is divine, divine thought is a force for good, sickness originates in the mind, and “right thinking” has a healing effect. Although New Thought is neither monolithic nor doctrinaire, in general, modern-day adherents of New Thought believe that God or Infinite Intelligence is “supreme, universal, and everlasting”, that divinity dwells within each person, that all people are spiritual beings, that “the highest spiritual principle [is] loving one another unconditionally… and teaching and healing one another”, and that “our mental states are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience in daily living”.

About the Author

William Walker Atkinson (1862–1932) was a leading figure in the late 19th Centurys New Thought Movement which is the foundation of many of our current New Age beliefs. He was an attorney, merchant, publisher, and author, as well as an occultist and an American pioneer of the New Thought movement. Atkinson pursued a business career from 1882 onwards and gained much material success in his profession as a lawyer, the stress and over-strain eventually took its toll, and during this time he experienced a complete physical and mental breakdown, and financial disaster. He looked for healing and in the late 1880s he found it with New Thought and by the early 1890s Chicago had become a major centre for New Thought. Atkinson decided to move there and worked as an associate editor of Suggestion, a New Thought Journal, and wrote his probable first book, Thought-Force in Business and Everyday Life, being a series of lessons in personal magnetism, psychic influence, thought-force, concentration, will-power, and practical mental science. He wrote more than 100 books in the last 30 years of his life under his own name and many pseudonyms.


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