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The Philosophy of Occult World


Author : Alfred Percy Sinnett
ISBN : 81-8220-232-9
Edition : 1st
Year : 2007
Size : 21×14Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 550


About the Book

To get rid of organised religion’s stuffiness and sterility and connect to simple, large sections of eastern as well as western societies, are turning to occult philosophy. As occult practices and phenomena are integral parts of eastern religions, influences of later are arousing occult awareness to new height. On this changed scenario this book has proved successful in inspecting brilliantly all aspects of occult philosophy.

The volume is divided in six chapters to do justice with theory experience and teaching of occult philosophy. In reference to ‘Theo-sophical Society’ the fundamentals and basic concepts are deciphered to enable readers to achieve uniformly demonstrable practical results.

About the Author

Alfred Percy Sinnett was listed as one of the leading scholar of London University in 1851. He had moved to India where he was the editor of the Pioneer, the leading English Daily of India. He relates in his book, the Occult World that on the first occasion of my making Madame Blavatsky’s acquain-tance she became a guest at my home at Allahabad and remained there for six weeks. By 1889, Sinnett was back in England, and asked Leadbeater to come back to England to tutor his son Percy and George Arundale. Leadbeater agreed and brought with him one of his pupils Jinarajadasa. Sinnett was later President of the London Lodge of the Society.


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