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Author : R.R. MARETT
ISBN : 9789390423842
Edition : 1st
Year : 2022
Size : 18.5×24.5 Cm
Page : 176
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 990


About the Book

This book is intended for the man of general culture and not for the specialist. It contains ten chapters dealing with the antiquity of man and his surroundings like his race, environment, language, social organization, law, religion, morality, and even about the individual man also. It is a discussion of the problems of anthropology rather than a presentation of the scientific developments. In this respect, it differs from Tylor’s classic work on the same topics. Its style of writing is clear and vigorous, with the facetious vein and some fine flashes of wit. Undoubtedly its purpose of introducing the subject and thus engaging the readers with its topics so much to leave him thinking and carving more light. This book is a reproduction of an important classical work. Some errors may persist, however, we consider it worth publishing due to the works of historical value.

About the Author

The English philosopher and anthropologist, Robert Ranulph Marett was known for his philosophical analysis concerning the evolution of religious beliefs and rites. Born in Jersey, Channel Islands, Marett was brought up under a traditional English educational system that stressed the basic classics common during the latter half of the 19th century. Marett pursued scholastic endeavors at both Victoria College and Balliol College. After completion of his education, he held several positions at Oxford University, including fellow and Rector. Besides his academic pursuits, he was cofounder of the Oxford University Anthropological Society. The influence of classical thought with a philosophical perspective can be seen in his views on both anthropology and religion. His major published works are Anthropology (1912); Faith, Hope, and Charity in Primitive Religion (1932); and Head, Heart, and Hands in Human Evolution (1935).


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