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Aristotelian Psychology


Author : J.S. Bill
ISBN : 9788182207622
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2016
Pages : 270
Size : 21×14Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 990.00


About the Book

The present edition of Aristotelian Psychology is a critical study of Aristotle’s philosophy of psychology. Aristotle regarded the study of psychology as a part of the general study of animate nature. The idea of the psyche is central to the philosophy of  Aristotle wrote an influential treatise on the psyche, called in Greek  Perì Psūchês, and in English On the Soul.  The main point of discussion in this edition is as follows: Aristotle’s interpretation of psychology and Psyche; Psycho-physical analysis of ontological materialism; Touch, senses, imagination and thinking; Theory of action and rationality; Theory of movement and emotion; and Knowledge, desire and rationality.

About the Author

J.S. Bill is a well-known scholar of Psychology of London University. He has written several important books and  contributed many research papers in reputed journals. Having served as a teacher in several colleges in UK, now he lives a retired life and devoted his time in writing books and research papers.


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