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Forensic Psychology


Author : Robert Allison
ISBN : 9788119462049
Edition : 1
Year : 2024
Size : 14.5×21.5 Cm
Page 264
Price : INR 1695
Subject : Psychology


About the Book

Forensic psychology is a dynamic field that provides challenging opportunities for the application of psychological research and practice to legal issues. This book provides a broad overview of the roles of psychologists in their work with the police, courts, jails and prisons, forensic hospitals and laboratories, and also with juvenile facilities, etc. Sexual abuse especially child sexual abuse occurs at all times, at all income levels, across all the races, cultures, and ethnic groups, castes and classes. History of Forensic Psychology and its related fields, its different subspecialties, its applications in criminal justice systems and its ethical implication are some of the important areas to be understood. The development of Forensic Psychology indifferent countries other than India and the role and function of a Forensic Psychologist has all been discussed in this book in a very lucrative style.

About the Author

Robert Allison is a forensic psychologist who received his training and experience in Forensics by working as a Certified Forensic Examiner in the Department of Mental Health, Hyderabad. Having eight years extensive experience as a clinical psychologist at Mid Missouri Mental Health Centre where he had to work on a wide variety of challenging psychiatric disorders. Apart from his private practice, he is also attached with different forensic and clinical laboratories and hospitals.


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