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Global Journal of Business Management (Vol. 4 No. 2, December, 2010)


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It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you all to the eighth issue of Global Journal of Business Management (GJBM) under the flagship of Global Vision Publishing House,
New Delhi. GJBM is an internationally renowned Journal that maintains highest ethical and technical standards of the manuscript review. All research papers submitted for publication in GJBM are thoroughly screened and selected after review from the experts of the concerned field. The current volume touches upon some of the latest research issues in management and its related fields. In total, 11 papers covering various functional areas of management have been presented in this issue.
The first paper by Dr. Bhattacharya investigates the reasons for attrition as expressed by the IT professionals of IBM and PwC. In second paper, Islam, Chow and Leong examine awareness and knowledge, convenience of Mobile devices and WAP/GPRS-enabled handset, pricing and cost, security and privacy. Dr. Khatri, and Ms. Bhardwaj have analysed performance of direct tax reforms in pre and post liberalization period in India in third paper. The fourth paper by Deep, Sahoo and Deep has explored why green practices need to be adopted in e-governance standards. Fifth empirical paper, Reddy and Reddy discusses consumer behaviour, decision process (pre and post), motives, with respect to grocery items. The sixth paper of Dr. Mathur and Dr. Jain investigates the role of emotions in service encounters in the context of the hospitality industry and analyzes the perception and evaluation of service from the perspective of both the service provider and the customer.
In seventh research paper Biswal, Sahoo and Swain have tried to analyze employee’s perception and its effects of Employee Self Service (ESS) system through ERP and Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) in Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd., India. In eighth empirical study, Dr. Kaushal and Prasad have identified three meaningful segments of the market— Quality conscious, Price conscious and Recreational conscious. Mr. Hossain and Shamsher attempt to unlock customer perception before and after re-branding in the mobile telecommunication industry of Bangladesh in ninth paper. In tenth paper, Dr. Sumanjeet and Batra explores the role of and performance of various delivery models of microfinance in India like outreach, impact, efficiency, sustainability and financial inclusion. In last paper, Ranganath and Kama Raju emphasized the applications of business continuity plans and the principles which are most essential for the banking sector in India to provide better services on time.
The eighth issue, thus, reflects a keen interest and sustained efforts of academicians and professionals who have covered such diverse themes of contemporary and future relevance. We appreciate the commitment and efforts put in by the contributors in terms of the relevance of topics, quality of contents, and the versatility in their research papers. We also wish appreciate our reviewers and readers for sharing new developments in the management world.


Editorial iii
1 A Study on IT Professionals of IBM and PwC Regarding the Reasons for Attrition 1
Swaha Bhattacharya
2 A Study on the Adoption of M-Commerce Services among Mobile Phone Users in Malaysia 8
Aminul Islam, Jason Lee Wai Chow and Lim Cheng Leong,
3 Direct Tax Reforms in India: Performance Analysis in Pre and Post Liberalization Period 21
P.V. Khatri and Promila Bhardwaj
4 E-Governance for Green Governance  40
Manisha K. Deep, G. Sahoo and Aman K. Deep
5 Empirical Evidence of Rural Consumer Purchasing Behaviour of Grocery Items in Agricultural families of Adilabad District 47
Nainar Reddy P. and D. Raghunatha Reddy
6 Role of Emotions in Service Encounter 58
Meera Mathur and Sheenu Jain
7 Role of Employees’ Self Service (ESS) System through ERP: An Empirical Study of OMC in India  67
Ratikanta Biswal, Kalpana Sahoo and Hirapunyatirtha Swain
8 Segmentation of Shopping Mall Shoppers: A Cluster Analysis Approach 75
Shailesh K. Kaushal and Ram Komal Prasad
9 Customer Perception of Corporate Re-branding in Telecom Industry of Bangladesh: A Case of Robi 92
Mohammed Javed Hossain and Robaka Shamsher
10 The State of Microfinance in India: Emergence, Delivery Models and Issues  102
Sumanjeet and Vikas Batra
11 The Principles and Practices of Business Continuity Management in Indian Banking Sector  125
N. Santosh Ranganath and  T. Kama Raju


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