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Jane Austen Her Life and Letters


Author : William Austen-Leigh and Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh
ISBN : 9789390423309
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2021
Pages : 376
Size : 14.5×21.5cm
Weight :
Price : 1250
Publishers : Global Vision Publishing House


About the Book

Jane Austen: Her Life and Letters is a classic Jane Austen biography by William Austen-Leigh and Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh. Jane Austen was an English novelist known primarily for her six major novels, which interpret, critique and comment upon the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century. The book lovingly details Jane’s birth, childhood, adolescence, and maturity; the everyday minutiae of her life, the circumstances in which she wrote her juvenilia and her six novels, and her early death. Using Jane Austen’s own letters, additional letters sent between a large and fond family, and family reminiscences, William and Austen-Leigh continued the family tradition of carefully nurturing the literary and personal reputation of a literary icon who also happened to be a most beloved aunt. This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature.


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