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Language, Being and Cognition: Philosophy of Language & Analysis


Author: Devendra Nath Tiwari
ISBN: 9788194771609
Price: INR 2500
Edition: 2nd
Year: 2021
Pages: 680
Size: 16.5×23.5cm
Weight: 800gms
Publishers: Global Vision Publishing House



About the Book.

Unlike linguistic and analytic philosophies the book is a philosophy of language.  Unlike meaning-centric philosophies popular in East and West the language-centric approach of the book is based on expressive nature of language. The discussion and argumentation through out the chapters of the book are appropriately natural in understanding that the analysis, translation and interpretation of the language being awareness by nature is non-different from that of the meaning. Cognition is infused by language; being determinate, discriminate and disinterested it serves the cause- proper of incentive to our conduct in day to day practices.

Discussion of the philosophical problems in the book is free from intermingling any metaphysical, ontological and other perceptions about the objects which for us are intelligible –beings. Philosophy in the book is not only based on but also is confined to intelligible- beings the language expresses. Almost the courses on Indian philosophy of language prescribed in Universities are well presented in comparison and contrast to counter theories of the East and the West. The book is useful for scholars and students and substantial for those who want a fresh perception to meet out the new challenges in philosophy.


DevendraNathTiwari, A Professor of philosophy &Religion,BHU is a popular teacher, a researcher and a distinguished philosopher having deep knowledge of original texts of Philosophy. He is widely known for his dedication to promoting the cause of philosophy in India and abroad. He served Visiting Professor on ICCR Chair of Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy, Mauritius (2014- 2017). He is a member of the editorial/advisory board of several Indian and foreign Journals and has more than 130 papers published in reputed Journals of Philosophy.  As subject expert, he delivered more than 300 Lectures in different Universities. He authored the books entitled ‘The Central Problems of Bhartṛhari’s Philosophy’ (ICPR, New Delhi, 2008), Dynamics of the Language, Lap Lambert, Germany,  2017, edited Environmental Ethics: Indian Perspective, BHU, 2012, the   special issues on Indian Philosophy and Religion of   the journal of East- West Thought,USA, Vols. 5, 2015, vol.8,2019 and now editing spring volume 2020.



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