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Journal of Indian Health Psychology Vol. 16, No. 2, June, 2022


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There are nine articles in the current issue of the Journal of Indian Health Psychology that deal with health and illness. The first article by Ved Prakash Rawat, Garima Gupta and Darakhshan Anjum assessed emotional intelligence and psychological wellbeing among caregivers of disabled children. S. P Singh in the next article conducted a comparative study of over indulgence and over protective parenting and aggressive behaviour of their children. The third article by Md. Jasimuddin Khan and Mohammad Anas assessed gender differences in self-efficacy and optimism among medical students. The results revealed that no significant gender difference in self-efficacy but significant gender differences in optimism where male students scored higher than female students on optimism. Rikza Pervez explored righteousness with reference to age and gender differentials. Prashant Sharma explored the relationship of cognitive flexibility with spontaneous-deliberate mind wandering tendencies among young male adults. Deepak Kumar and Annalakshmi examined the association between socio-demographic factors and psychological health outcomes among single women like psychological distress, subjective happiness, life satisfaction, and psychological resilience. Sushma Pandey and Nidhi Gupta examined the role of work stress and coping in physical and psychological health of career women. They highlighted the contribution of work stress and coping (active & maladaptive) in predicting physical and psychological health of working women. The next article by Nilesh Thakre and Mohana Raje enlisted in the current issue examined the effect of workplace spirituality on employee wellbeing and job engagement. They found that employees having higher workplace spirituality also possess higher wellbeing and job engagement. Arun Sangwan and Anjali Malik assessed the efficacy of a psychological intervention program on mindfulness, performance strategies, and sports anxiety among badminton players. Authors observed that development of psychological skills may facilitate mindfulness and also lower performance related anxiety.
All the articles enlisted in this issue will provide direction for young researchers working in the field of health and well-being. The editors express gratitude to all the contributors for their research contributions. Editors are also grateful to the referees and members of editorial board for their valuable inputs. The members of the editorial board are of the view that the journal tries to sensitize the readers to various health related psychosocial issues that would pave the path towards healthy and flourishing communities.

1 Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Wellbeing  among Caregivers of Disabled Children 1
Ved Prakash Rawat, Garima Gupta and DarakhshanAnjum
2 A Comparative Study of Over indulgence and Over Protective Parenting and Aggressive Behaviour of their Children 15
S. P Singh
3 Gender Differences on Self-efficacy and Optimism Among Medical Students 24
Md. Jasimuddin Khan and Mohammad Anas
4 Righteousness with Reference to Age and Gender Differentials 31
Rikza Pervez
5 Cognitive Flexibility in Relation to Spontaneous-deliberate Mind Wandering Tendencies Among Young Male Adults 38
Prashant Sharma
6 Demographic Factors and Resilience among Single Women 47
Deepak Kumar. S  and Annalakshmi. N 
7 Coping as Buffer in the Work Stress- Health Relationship: A Study on Career Women  67
Sushma Pandey and Nidhi Gupta
8 Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Wellbeing and Job Engagement Among Private Sector Employees 84
Nilesh Thakre and Mohana Raje
9 Effectiveness of a Psychological Intervention Program on Mindfulness, Performance Strategies, and Sports Anxiety among Badminton Players 102
Arun Sangwan and Anjali Malik


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