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Journal of Indian Health Psychology (Vol. 4 No. 1, September, 2009)


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Editors : Prof. Rajbir Singh & Prof. NovRattan Sharma
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Editors deliver the current issue of journal of Indian Health Psychology JIHP (Vol 4 No. -1, September 2009) in the hands of readers, contributors and subscribers with sense of satisfaction and accomplishments. There are as many as twelve research articles included in the present volume after the through review exercise. Almost every article meets the academic standards and significantly contributes the knowledge bank with certain applications to their sides. First article explores the interplay between health cognitive and subjective wellbeing in two different age group adults. The distinctive feature of the article is its community based methodology. Where as second article compare the effects of positive versus negative emotions on general health by applying Pre and Post treatment conditions. Authors have concluded that positive emotions are protective pathways to reduce negative health outcomes. Role of personality attributes in health status and recovery from illness have been examined in 3rd article. Author has successfully demonstrated that personality attributes play remarkable role particularly in recovery from illness.
Impact of hardiness on health maintenance behaviour has been examined in 4th article where AxBxC factorial design has enabled the authors to extract interaction effects. Social support has emerged as a significant correlate of mental health among older house wives, although, its generalization still needs further researches (5th article). Next article underline that tribal people are happier than normal. Authors attribute their findings in the light of personality hardiness. Seventh article pertains to Hindi translation of a current and very important tool to assess values in action. The methods to obtain psychometric properties of the translated tool are statistically sound.
Eighth article has been contributed by a medical team highlighting prevalence of Burnout (a common syndrome) in association with other organizational and personality factors. Team has also suggested some underlying mechanism to combat the same particularly at level of hospital nurses. An article contributed by a clinical psychologist focuses on the elimination of specific phobias by using psycho-education vivo exposure with pharmacotherapy. Another article is also grouped specific where authors have suggested and applied some behavioral and sensory integration training intervention programs for ADHD cases. Eleventh article is a simple tryout attempt to see neuroticism through emotional intelligence. Last article is locating the predictors of psychological distress among a specific class of women (childless). Findings indicate need of psychological counselling to boost well-being and quality of life amongst childless women.
In sum, all the articles are knowledge worthy and empirically conducted. At the end review of the two current books on psychology has been presented. Editors are grateful to all the contributors and book reviewers for their valuable inputs. Editors seek the advice of esteemed readers to reach their expectations.


Editorial iii
1 Health Cognitions and Subjective Well-being in Middle-aged and Older Adults 1
Rajbir Singh and Dinesh
2 Effect of Positive Emotions on Health 13
Sangeeta Trama and Harjinder Kaur
3 Health Status and Recovery from Illness: Role of Personality Attributes 25
Abhay K. Srivastava and M. Imran Khan
4 Impact of Hardiness, Age and Sex on Health Maintenance Behaviour 35
Asiya Aijaz
5 Social Support and Mental Ill Health Among Older Housewives 45
Aradhana Srivastava and Reeta Kumar
6 Prediction of Happiness among Tribal Students of Himachal Pradesh 57
Anita Sharma, Mausami Thapa and Dalip Malhotra
7 Psychometric Properties of Hindi Translated Version of Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS) 65
Kamlesh Singh and Rajneesh Choubisa
8 Prevalence and Association of Burnout with Organizational Commitment, Job Involvement, Extraversion and Human Energy Field Analysis in Nurses  77
Monika Sharma, Manvir Bhatia and Nalini Kaul
9 Intervention Focused on the Elimination of Specific Phobias 89
R. Kannappan
10 Effectiveness of Intervention Program for the Children with Adhd 99
Jayanthi. M and S. Kadhiravan
11 Emotional Intelligence and Neuroticism 107
J.C. Ajawani
12 Predictors of Psychological Distress Among Childless Women 111
Hardeep Lal Joshi, Mandeep Sharma and Bindu


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