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Journal of Indian Health Psychology (Vol. 7 No. 2, March, 2013)


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Editors : Prof. Rajbir Singh & Prof. NovRattan Sharma
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ISSN : 0973-5755
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The Journal of Indian Health Psychology is devoted to diverse kind of empirical investigations in the field of Health Psychology. This issue of the journal includes thirteen research articles related to different aspects of health. The first article by Archna and Rajbir Singh examines the impact of education and gender on loneliness and depression among students. The second article by Rekha Gujjar and Manju Mehta compares mental health among androgynous female university teachers, government doctors and administrative officers. They found that androgynous administrative officers were significantly higher positive self evaluation and group oriented attitude as compared to androgynous teachers and doctors. The next article of Shahin Ghani and Bhupinder Singh studies the impact of economic status on quality of life in caregivers of patients with primary osteoarthritis of the knee. The findings of the study implied that economic differences indeed play crucial role in the wellbeing of caregivers of osteoarthritis patients.
Alena Slezackova and Jirina Liliana Doubkova’s article deals with human relationship to nature and the positive influence of nature on selected aspects of his/her quality of life, primarily on life satisfaction and meaningfulness of life. The next article by Shraddha Sharma and Ira Das studies life style related behaviours i.e. spiritual behaviour and sleeping behaviour. Hemalatha and Ravindran aim to examine the role of psychological factors namely mental adjustment, depression and quality of life in patients diagnosed with breast cancer in his article. The next article by Shivalika and Anup Sud investigated the relation between psychological stressors and life satisfaction of army personnel. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Saroj Verma, Jaya Chakravarty and Shyam Sundar in their study aims to assess locus of control (LOC) and their role in the psychological health of HIV-infected patients on second line antiretroviral treatment.
O.P. Sharma, Rajshree Tewari and Juhi Deshmukh conducted the research to understand, infer and predict the multifarious effect of home environment, life skills and parenting mood on the mental health and adjustment of primary school children in single-parent and dual-parent families. Another article enlisted in this issue attempts to understand the coping strategies used by patients with Parkinson’s disease. The article of Alka and NovRattan Sharma studies comparative relation between identity and wellbeing of the male and female adolescents. Parisha Jijina and Uday K. Sinha investigated the effectiveness of social skill training program on a child diagnosed with disorder of mixed scholastic skills and deficits in social skills. The results reported increase in the social skills scores post training and mother too reported a significant improvement in the social skills of the child. The last article of Munshi and Mukerjee attempts to explore poetry as means to reduce stress and health promotion. 
Editors and publisher are grateful to all the contributors for the contribution of their research papers, referees and reviewers for their valuable inputs.


Editorial (iii)
1 Impact of Education and Gender on Loneliness and Depression Among Students 1
Archana and Rajbir Singh
2 Mental Health Among Androgynous Female University Teachers, Government Doctors and Government Administrative Officers 11
Rekha Gujjar and Manju Mehta
3 Impact of Economic Status on Quality of Life in Caregivers of Patients with Primary Osteoarthritis of the Knee 23
Shahin Ghani, and Bhupinder Singh
4 The Role of Connectedness to Nature in Adolescents’ Quality of Life 33
Alena Slezackova and Jirina Liliana Doubkova
5 Comparison between Spiritual Behavior and Sleeping Behavior of Diabetics and Non-Diabetics 49
Shraddha Sharma and Ira Das
6 Psychological Factors Underlying Breast Cancer 57
N. Hemalatha and O.S. Ravindran
7 Relation Between Psychosocial Stressors and Life Satisfaction for Army Personnel 67
Shivalika Sharma and Anup Sud
8 Locus of Control and Psychological Health of HIV Infected Patients 73
Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Saroj Verma, Jaya Chakrvarty, and  Shyam Sundar
9 Life Skill and Perceived Home Environment as Predictors of Mental Health and Adjustment Problems among Primary School Children  93
 O.P. Sharma Rajshree Tewari and Deshmukh Juhi
10 Coping Strategies in Parkinson’s Disease Patients 105
11 Study of Identity and Well Being Among Adolescents 113
Alka and Nov Rattan Sharma
12 Social Skills Training with a Child with Learning Disorder 125
Parisha Jijina and Uday K. Sinha
13 Poetry Reading: A Means for Health Promotion 133
Nupur Munshi and Manjula Mukerjee


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