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Philosophy of Scientific Creationism


Author : Dr. William Powell
ISBN : 9789388612692
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2019
Pages : 324
Size : 19×14 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1,450


About the Book

This edition presents factual and scientific approach to the theory and philosophy of creation of the world. It covers the issues like origin of earth, histories of evolution of life and its theories. It traces the divine origin for existence of our world and incorporates it with the scientific origin of the world. The chapters of this edition has presented in such a way that it covers all relevant topics like origin of Earth, histories of evolution of life and its theories. Abundant cross-referencing emphasized the unity and coherence creationism highlighted in this edition.

About the Author

Dr. William Powell is a brilliant scholar of philosophy and religion. He is a dynamic teacher in the department of philosophy of California University, Santa Cruse. He is a keen researcher and active social activist. Dr. Powell has presented several research papers at the national and international seminars. He has also published several research papers in journals of national and international repute. He has special interest in the study of the role of science in understandings philosophy.



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