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Soft Skills: Key to Professional Excellence


Author : Dr. Vikas Arora
ISBN : 978-81-8220-319-8
Edition : Revised
Year : 2015
Pages : 922
Size : 24.5×19Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 3,000


About the Book

Ability to express oneself clearly and confidently is a very important personality trait and this is given the highest importance during the evaluation process in recruitment. Many people fail miserably in this aspect even though they have very strong technical skills. Communication Skills can be categorized into oral communication skills and written communication skills. Communication is very important for any professional because during one’s career, every professional has to talk to a number of people of varying backgrounds and technical knowledge.

There is and axiom in business circle which suggests that hard skills will get a person an interview, but soft skill will land that person a job. This means an applicant with years of education and experience in the field might have the hard skills necessary to fill the position, but lack soft skills such as leadership ability or self-motivation necessary to perform well on the job. This is true at other levels as well.

Thus, this book presents a balanced view of “Soft Skills: Key to Professional Excellence” and has focused on Current thinking in the field. In this book on hundred forty-seven articles have been structured four sections and sixteen subsections. These are hundred forty-five articles covered  in the book reflect Communication Skills; Management Skills; Personality Enhancement; Managing Yourself.

The editors hope that this book will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, post-graduate and research students of economics, commerce and management.

About the Author

Dr. Vikas Arora is an inspiring motivational speaker and corporate trainer of international repute. He has conducted training programmes for the corporate sector and faculty/students community all over India. “He is a visiting faculty to many top management institutes (more than 60 in number) of the country”. His seminars and workshops are well-knows for their high quality content backed by his unique and entertaining style of delivery.

Dr. Vikas is a Management Graduate with distinction from Institute of Management and research, New Delhi. He started his career in international marketing and possesses world-wind exposure i.e. traveled more than 12 cousntries several times lime USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia etc. and is involved in training since 2001. he started his own institute for the acquisition and enhancement of Soft Skills and emerged as a Motivational Trainer and Speaker since then. His belief is that people understand anf learn more through doing; consequently his seminars and workshops are highly participative. He has incorporated successful training to large business corporate houses.

Currently he is Director with one of the leading Business Schools of Himachal Pradesh i.e. Himalayan Institute of Management (H.I.M.), Kala-Amb (H.P.) he is having total fifteen years of Experience (seven years in Corporate eight years in Training). Till date, he has trained more than 60,000 Professionals/Faculties/Students.


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