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Applied Psychology for Nursing


Author: Mary F. Porter
ISBN: 9788194771616
Price: INR 790
Edition: 1st
Year: 2021
Pages: 136
Size: 14.5×21.5cm
Weight: 350gms
Publishers: Global Vision Publishing House



About the Author

This little book is the outgrowth of a conviction, strengthened by some years of experience with hundreds of supposedly normal young people in schools and colleges, confirmed by her years of training in a neurological hospital and months of work in a big city general hospital, that it is of little value to help some people back to physical health if they are to carry with them through a prolonged life the miseries of a sick attitude. As nurses, the author believes it is our privilege and our duty to work for health of body and health of mind as inseparable. Experience has proved that too often the physically ill patient (hitherto nervously well) returns from hospital care addicted to the illness-accepting attitude for which the nurse must be held responsible. I conceive of it as possible that every well trained nurse in our country shall consider it an essential to her professional success to leave her patient imbued with the will to health and better equipped to attain it because the sick attitude has been averted, or if already present, has been treated as really and intelligently as the sick body. To this end the author has dealt with the simple principles of psychology only as the nurse can immediately apply them. The writer wishes to acknowledge her indebtedness for criticism of this work.

About the Author

Mary F. Porter was the American author of Applied Psychology for Nurses (1921). She was a graduate nurse and Teacher of Applied Psychology, Highland Hospital, Asheville, N.C.


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