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Chanakya Neeti


Author : Acharya Chanakya
ISBN: : 978-93-90423-52-1
Price: : 500
Edition: : 1st
Year: : 2022
Pages: : 120
Size: : 14.5×21.5cm
Weight: : 300
Publishers: : Global Vision Publishing House


About the book

The book “Chanakya Neeti” contains 17 chapters and each chapter contains more than 15+ quotes about life, friendship, duty, nature,  wife, children, money, business and all other things which are an important part of human life. This book teaches you how nature inspires human or how can you find small things inspirational.  Chanakya Neeti makes your life successful. Live an extraordinary and humble life by following ‘Chanakaya Neeti’ quotes.

About the Author

Acharya Chanakya was a leading teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist royal advisor and diplomat of ancient India.  Some Indian nationalists even argue that he is one of the earliest people to envisage an united India spanning the entire subcontinent. Originally a professor of economics and political science at the ancient university of Takshashila, Chanakya managed the first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta’s rise to power at a young age. Consequently, he is widely credited as being instrumental in establishing the Maurya Empire. Chanakya served as the chief advisor to both emperors Chandragupta and his son Bindusara.Two books are attributed to Chanakya: as Arthashtra  and Chanakya Neeti. The Arthashastra discusses monetary and fiscal policies, welfare, international relations, and war strategies in detail. The text also outlines the duties of a ruler. Chanakya Niti is a collection of aphorisms, said to be selected by Chanakya from the various shastras. Some consider these works as evidence that Chanakya pioneered the field of political science and economics in India, and that his work was an important precursor to classical economics. His writings were lost near the end of the Gupta Empire, then were rediscovered in 1915, and have since grown in popularity.


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