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Hindu Legends of Justice


Author: L. Sternback
ISBN: 9789388612326
Price: INR 950
Edition: 2nd
Year: 2019
Pages: 196
Size: 14.5×21.5cm
Weight: 350 gms
Publishers: Global Vision Publishing House




About the Book

This remarkable edition has presented twelve Hindu legends in the judicial point of view. Its objective is to discover various juridical problems, raised in the Pañchatantra and Smritis, and to show how the respective problems are solved. On the basis of these considerations we can sometimes show in what way the legal rules contained in the Smritis were applied in daily life. This edition seems to be the first experiment in the interpretation of Sanskrit literary works from the legal point of view. It seems therefore, that we cannot draw too broad conclusions from this interpretation.

About the Author

L. Sternback, an eminent German Indologist, wrote several important books and research papers on Indian philosophy and religion. He also edited and translated a number of Hindu scriptures into German and English. Having served as teacher at several institutions/universities, he currently lives a retired life and devoted his time in research.



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