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The Rajbanshis of North East India, Nepal & Bangladesh


Author : Madhab Chandra Adhikary
ISBN : 9789390423057
Edition : 1st
Year : 2023
Size : 18.5×24.5 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1200
Catageory : Sociology


About the Book

In this book, Author has attempted to explore a serious inquest on micro-history hitherto unexplored and devoid of levity. This maiden effort is undoubtedly the first of its kind to synthesize an untold chapter of Indian history during the period of our study. It is felt that case studies of regional, local or micro-level will be helpful in bringing to light many untold or unnoticed corners of the history of our recent past. The case studies at regional, local, or micro-level of our recent past have been neglected still now. From this point of view, this proposed study has been selected regarding the identity crisis of the Rajbanshis from 1891 to 1979.  This book is designed into eight chapters. The first chapter describes the geographical landscape of north-eastern part of India where the Rajbanshis are in majority.In the second chapter, a brief profile of the environments and character of the north-eastern Rajbanshis along with Nepal and Bangladesh has been given in order to distinguish them from the other castes and tribes of north- eastern part of India and abroad. The third chapter shows the historical and ethnological data of the Rajbanshis. The chapter IV shows the population and the social formation of the Rajbanshis in north eastern part of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The fifth chapter deals with linguistic question and cultural resurgence. The sixth chapter examines the various aspect of the social movement and caste movement of the Rajbanshisand its attitude toward the British, the ongoing anti-imperialist struggle. The seventh chapter focusseson the genesis of socio-economic and cultural crisis of the Rajbanshi people which led them regionalism in the form of separatist and autonomy particularly for recognition of a distinct cultural linguistic identity including regional development during post-colonial period. In the eighth chapter, the caste identity of the different castes and ethnic-cum-caste identity of the Rajbanshis has been discussed.The proposed study attempts to analyze the reasons behind the social and political movement on the issues of identity crisis of the Rajbanshis and relates them to the historical and developmental context of India Growth of regional movements coincides with uneven development that generates a feeling of deprivation.With this perspective the book will serve the interest of social scientists, ethnographers, policy makers and for those wishing to understand the Rajbanshis in their historical context.

About the Author

Madhab Chandra Adhikary,born at the village of Morangabari of Cooch Behar district, West Bengal in 1967, had completed his Master Degree in 1997 with First Class First from the University of North Bengal and done hisM. Phil. on “Social Dynamics and the Process of Societal Homogenization Released in India during the Mughals(1535-1707)” and Ph.Don “Ethno-cultural Crisis of the Rajbanshis of North Eastern Part of India and Nepal and Bangladesh during the period of 1891 to 1979”from the same University. Now he work as the Head of Dept. of History, University of Gourd Bang, West Bengal. Before joining the University he had worked as Lecturer in History at Shree ArisenMahavidyalaya, Dalkhola, Uttar Dinajpur (2001-2007) and Darjeeling Govt. College, Darjeeling(2007-2009). He had authored two books namely “Impact of Administrative Reforms in Social Transition in India during the Period of the Mughals (1526-1707)” and Rajbanshi Samaj O ManishiPanchananBarma Vol.I (in Bengali). He had contributed a number of research papers in reputed journals and critical anthologies. He had conducted seminars, attended and delivered lectures in more than 50 National and International Seminars, workshops and conferences. He is the chief editor of The Journal of Historical and Cultural Review, and the member secretary of an international referred journal“The Journal of Social Science and Humanity Research”.His area of specialization is Medieval Indian History. Now he is working on Ethnic and Social History of North-Eastern Part of India and regional History of Colonial and Post-Colonial Bengal.


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