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Indian Dalits: Voices, Visions and Politics


Author : K.C. Das
ISBN : 978-81-8220-617-5
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2014
Pages : 296
Size : 7×4
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1190


About the Book

The second edition book is a revised study of socio-political and cultural consciousness among the Indian Dalits community in six chapters which reflects the troubled relationship in Hindu caste hierarchy and socio-political empowerment. The edition also re-examine the role played by traditional key figures like Ambedkar and Gandhi in developing the movement. It also focuses on contemporary figures like Kanshi Ram, Mayawati, and Phoolan Devi and their contributions to the movement. The Gandhian project, which involved renaming them as harijan alongside campaigns to eradicate untouchability, not only remained confined to the ideational level, but it affected the liberal sanatani Hindu more than it did the Dalits. Equally, the Ambedkarite legacy which focused essentially on the secular realm—resources, education, jobs and power—remained limited. While the former worked tirelessly to retain the dalits within the Hindu fold, the latter came to believe that the solution lay in opting out in conversion. 

About the Author

K.C. Das, born in Bhagalpur and passed M.A. (Political Science) from Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur,  is an eminent dalit scholar who has written number of important articles  in news papers and journals of national reputes. He is an active participant in dalit movement in Bihar.


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