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Infant School System of Teaching


Author : Samuel Wilderspin
ISBN : 9789390423729
Edition : 1st
Year : 2023
Size : 18.5×24.5 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1800
Catageory : Education


About the Book

This book “Infant School System of Teaching: One to Seven Years of Age is reproduce into 19 chapters which covers
principles of infant education, requisites for an infant school, qualifications of teachers, hints for conducting an infant school, gallery of moral and religious teaching, rewards and punishments, language, arithmetic, geography, pictures and conversation, teaching by objects, physical education, music, grammar, elliptical plan of teaching, and remarks on schools. Hope this book will be useful for infant school management and teachers.

About the Author

Samuel Wilderspin, one of the founding fathers of modern schooling, had a profound impact on educational practice and the design and furnishing of schools and their grounds. His belief was that a child should be encouraged to learn through experience, and to development in feelings as well as intellect. Many of his ideas and practices have had a great influence on infant education. He specialised in the youngest age group, from 18 months to seven years, and was especially concerned with education for the poor. He became best known for his pioneering work on infant schools, but his innovations gradually transformed schooling for children of all ages. After many years spent travelling and promoting infant schooling throughout Britain and Ireland, Wilderspin moved to Barton and created his own model Infant School at Queen Street. He was the first superintendent of the Infant School, and taught here with his wife and daughter, as well as training teachers and nursery governesses, and using it as a base for his promotion of enlightened education throughout Britain. His work provided the model for infant schools in Europe and North America.


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