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Journal of Indian Health Psychology (Vol. 14 No. 2, March, 2020)


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Editors : Prof. Rajbir Singh & Prof. NovRattan Sharma
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This issue of the Journal of Indian Health Psychology has nine research articles with traditional empirical or qualitative and critically oriented approaches that focus on psychosocial aspects of health and illness. In the first article, Akbar Husain and Shabnam Qayoom proposed a model of health based on Islamic perspective, ‘SEHAT’, which suggests that higher level of wellness and illness prevention can be achieved through these five factors i.e. spirituality, eating and drinking, healthy environment, avoidance of infectious diseases; and abstention from harmful substances and therapeutic interventions. Mini Mehra and Bhupinder Singh, in the next article have take up an issue that is increasingly attracting the attention of academicians and researchers, focusing on internet usage and well-being among adolescents. Indu Bala and Mandeep Sharma empirically explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and psychological well-being among college students. The next article by Priyanka Yadav and Deepti Hooda found psychological flexibility as a key predictor of resilience to chronic pain in osteoarthritis patients. The findings highlight the importance of application of intervententions based on ACT that may enhance psychological flexibility inturn developing resilience to pain in patients suffering from chronic pain. Lijiya Manju K.C. and T. Sasidharan, in the next article, explore the underlying psychological phenomena of infertility among couples. Balan Rathakrishnan, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin and Azizi Yahaya studied the relationship of aggressive personality and type of aggressive behavior among school students from Sabah, Malaysia. Shalu Kumari and Amjad Ali, in the next article have made an attempt to understand body dissatisfaction is an important area of research in present scenario. They found that both boys and girls of technical institutes are highly concerned about their body shape and body shape is significantly associated with happiness among students of technical institutes. A. K. Srivastava conducted the present study to find out prevalence of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and its severity among female college students. The findings of the study emphasize the need for awareness programs related to mental health issues, stigma associated with them and mental health care services to the masses particularly students. The last article in the current issue by Rekha and Deepti Hooda, explores the role of eating behaviour and body weight in two core executive functions i.e. inhibition and cognitive flexibility among adolescents.
The journal attempts to provide a platform for the empirical research, comprehensive critical reviews and intervention-oriented articles in the field of health psychology and for application in a wide range of contexts. Editors express gratitude to all the contributors for their research contributions. Editors are also grateful to the referees and members of editorial board for their valuable inputs. The journal aims to sensitize the readers to various health related psychosocial issues that would pave the path towards healthy and flourishing communities.


Editorial (iii)
1 SEHAT (Health): Islamic Perspective 1
Akbar Husain and Shabnam Qayoom
2 Effect of Types of School, Educational level and Gender on Internet Usage and Well-being of Adolescents 9
Mini Mehra and Bhupinder Singh
3 Emotional Intelligence as Correlate of Psychological Well-being among College Students 20
Indu Bala and Mandeep Sharma
4 Psychological Flexibility as a predictor of Pain Resilience in Osteoarthritis patients 30
Priyanka Yadav and Deepti Hooda
5 An Exploration of Infertility Among Couples 43
Lijiya Manju K.C. and T.Sasidharan
6 Aggressive Personality and Types of Aggressive Behavior Among Student in Sabah, Malaysia 49
Balan Rathakrishnan, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin and Azizi Yahaya
7 Body Shape and Happiness among Students of Technical Institutes 61
Shalu Kumari and Amjad Ali
8 Prevalence of Generalized Anxiety Disorder among College Students 72
A.K. Srivastava
9 Effect of Eating Behaviour and Body Weight on Inhibition and Cognitive Flexibility Among Adolescents 78
Rekha and Deepti Hooda


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