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Project Management


Author : Thomas Erickson
ISBN : 978-81-8220-358-7
Edition : 1st
Year : 2011
Pages : 438
Size : 24.5×19
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 2,800


About the Book

This book entitled Project Management is to provide students with a holistic and an integrative view of project management. A holisitic view focuses on how projects contribute to the strategic goals of the organization. The linkages for integration include the process of selecting projects that best support the strategy of a particular organization and that in turn can be supported by the technical and managerial processes made available by the organization to bring projects to completion. The goals of prospective project managers are to understand the role of a project in their organizations, and to master the project management tools, techniques, and interpersonal skills necessary to orchestrate projects from start to finish. The role of projects in organizations is receiving increasing attention. Projects are becoming the major tool for implementing and achieving the strategic goals of the organization. In the wake of intense global competition, many organizations have reorganized around a philosophy of innovation, renewal, and organizational learning to survive. Readers will find the concepts and techniques discussed in the book to be immediately useful in new-project situations. Practicing project managers will find the text to be a valuable guide and reference when dealing with typical problems that arise in the course of a project. This book would be valuable asset for the reader to get comprehensive knowledge of project management. Enlightening feedback and suggestions are solicited.

About the Author

Thomas Erickson is an interaction designer and researcher whose approach to systems design is shaped by work in sociology, rhetoric, architecture, and urban design. He has contributed to the design of a number of products and authored about ten publications on topics ranging from personal electronic notebooks to pattern languages and virtual community. Originally trained as a cognitive psychologist at the University of California, San Diego, he spent five years at a startup company, nine years at Apple Research, and finally joined IBM in 1997 as a research staff member. His primary aim is to study and design systems that support network mediated group interaction.


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