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Research Methodology


Author  : Dr. Pawan Kumar Oberoi
ISBN : 9789389124835
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2020
Size : 19.5×25.5 Cm
Published : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : 2900


About the Book

This edition covers comprehensive information and techniques of research methodology in twenty chapters. The very first chapter explains the meaning, process and methods of research. Second chapter examines how to diagnose a research problem. Third chapter deals with the origin, formulation and types and procedure of hypothesis testing while fourth chapter explains in detail the research process. Fifth chapter defines of research design and its components while sixth chapter explains the census and sampling method, types of sampling, non-sampling errors and sample size decisions. Seventh chapter explains the types of statistical data and the methods of data collection while eighth chapter discusses design in participant and non-participant observation. Ninth chapter discusses different measurement and scaling techniques while tenth chapter explains the universe and its type and the census and sample techniques of data collection. Eleventh chapter examines various techniques of data analysis while twelfth chapter discusses the applications of computers with special reference to its role in research. Fundamental principles of pre-requisites error of interpretation of statistical data is explained in chapter thirteen while fourteenth chapter examines types of reports, steps in formation of report and the presentation of reports. Fifteenth chapter discusses writing of research report while sixteenth chapter explains how to organize the content of a research paper. Seventeenth chapter discusses properties and application of the t-distribution and the t-test while eighteenth chapter discusses chi-square test. Nineteenth chapter explains the types and degrees of correlation and the methods of determining correlation while twentieth chapter explains uses of regression analysis, linear regression, regression lines, regression coefficient, regression equations and the standard error of estimate.

About the Author

Dr. Pawan Kumar Oberoi is senior lecturer in Department of Management at Bhagwati College of Management and Technology, Meerut. He obtained his M.A. (Economics), M.Com., M.B.A and Ph.D from C.C.S. University, Meerut. A committed academician and prolific writer, Dr. Oberoi has many research publications to his credit. His language, style and way of presentation is so lucid and strong that even the serious and difficult subject becomes understandable. An eminent and well established author since 2002, he has written several books on accounting and finance. Some of them are— ‘Financial Management’, ‘Management Accounting’, ‘Cost Management’, ‘International Trade’, ‘Optimization Techniques’ and many more. Dr. Oberoi has also published more than six articles in leading Journals. Reading, writing and teaching have always remained and is still his main passion.


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