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Science and Spirituality


Author : Dr. N.K. Singh
ISBN : 9789388612821
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2019
Pages : 250
Size : 7×4
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 1,100.00INR 1,100.00


About the Book

In this edition, we have tried to find out the solution of global religious crisis through combined effort of Science and Spirituality. The basic tenets of Science and Spirituality are acceptable to all, in their true sense but unfortunately it is the human attitude and behaviour which become responsible for their wrong projections and interpretations from time to time. The modern science during the last 200 years has achieved enough and given to mankind all materialistic comforts but has failed to inculcate morality and human values. The traditions of science, religion and morality are deeply rooted in our cultural heritage for centuries. This edition is redesigned into twelve chapters that compare science and spirituality in various religious perspectives.

About the Author

Dr. N.K. Singh, a Director of International Centre for Religious Studies, Delhi and Chief Editor of Global Religious Visiona quarterly Research Journal, has specialized himself in oriental studies and wrote a number of important books on religion and philosophy. His important works are Islam in Western Perspectives; Islam: A Religion of Peace; Islamic Mysticism in India; God in Indian Islamic Theology and Unseen God. He has also edited Encyclopaedia of the Holy Qur’ân in 5 Vols.



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