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The Quran and Future of Science


Author : Dr. Mohd. Zaki Kirmani
ISBN : 9789389124040
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2019
Pages : 208
Size : 18.5×14 Cm
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
Price : INR 950


About the Book

“The Quran and Future of Science” is a serious work based on author’s twenty years of reflections on the question as to what a divine book, like the Qur’an which claims to be the guidance for all, in all matters and for all time to come, has to say in the realm of problems that science is facing and posing to man and society in the wake of globalisation. This edition comprises three chapters. First chapter gives brief introduction to the nature of the qur’anic wisdom, nature of the Qur’anic wisdom, nature of scientific temperament which the Qur’an creates. It also deals with the basic thoughts on the philosophy and sociology of science. Second chapter gives an evaluatory analysis of the Islamic science studies during the past twenty years. The third chapter deals with the challenges that science and globalisation are posing and as to how in Qur’anic can help man face them successfully.

About the Author

Dr. M. Zaki Kirmani was born in 1950 and did his M.Sc. from AMU Aligarh and Ph.D. in chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT) in 1979. In the early eighties which witnessed a worldwide increase in critical evaluation of the impact of science on society and individuals, and brought about a deep change in the intellectual course of many, Kirmani switched over from pure science research to its foundation studies in religious perspective. In 1985 he began the publication of the Journal of Islamic Science at Aligarh. Dr. Kirmani is a prolific writer on Islam and science issues particularly related to philosophical and sociological aspects.



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