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The White Yajurveda


Translated by : Ralph T.H. Griffith 
Compiled by : Dr. N.K. Singh
ISBN : 978-81-19462-75-9
Edition : Reprint
Year : 2024
Page : 246
Binding : Hardcover
Size : 14.5×21.5 Cm
Price : Rs. 1500/-
Subject : Veda


About the Book

The White Yajurveda consists of folly Books containing, with frequent repetitions of the same Mgt, about two thousand verses. A large portion of these are ‘Helms or Strophes borrowed— frequently with variations— Hoot the Rigved, and sometimes from the Athavaveda these, of course, are metrical. Nearly equal in quemily are the Vajus texts or sacrificial formulas composed in measured prose ‘which rises now and then’, as Professor Weber observes, ‘to a tme rhythmical swing, and long passages. such as the lists of victims to be tied up and dedicated at the Asvamedha and the Purushamedha, which arc necessarily in the simplest prose.

About the Author

Ralph T.H. Griffith was an eminent English Indologist and a member of the Indian education service. He was the first Europeans to translate four Vedas into English. He was more interested in nslating Vodk books into English, and did most of his his translations while living, teaching and researching in India. He translated the Vedic scriptures into English. He also produced translations of other Sanskrit literature, including e verse version of the Ramayana of Valmike and the Kumara Sambhava of Kalidas.


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