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Journal of Indian Health Psychology Vol. 17, No. 2, July, 2023


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This issue of the Journal of Indian Health Psychology has six research articles that focus on the various aspects of health and illness. The articles in the current issue are based on either quantitative or qualitative methods with a critically oriented approach. The first article by Megha Singh, Arshi Islam, Farah Khan and Pallavi Bhatnagar explored the problem of sexual violence using a thematic analysis of the perceptions of youth. Pragya Verma and Archana Shukla, in the next article, discussed the efficacy of CBT in managing social anxiety in a 25-year-old pregnant woman. The next article in this issue by Gulgoona Jamal examined the heterogeneity of the “friendship network” of Indian young adults. The author found that males and females showed a fusion of heterogeneity and homogeneity in their “friendship network”, with males having a tilt towards heterogeneity and females towards homogeneity. The next article by Swaha Bhattacharya and Piyali Roy talks about the association of social relationships with health and well-being. Ganesan V and Ramakrishnan K S assessed the effect of behaviour technology in the enhancement of helping behaviour among students.
The journal provides a platform for empirical research, comprehensive critical reviews and intervention-oriented articles in the field of health psychology and for application in a wide range of contexts. Editors express gratitude to all the authors for their research contributions. Editors are also grateful to the referees and members of the editorial board for their valuable inputs and suggestions. The journal aims to sensitise the readers about health-related issues and promotion strategies that would help pave the path towards healthy and flourishing individuals and communities.

Editorial (iii)
1 The Problem of Sexual Violence: Thematic  analysis of the Perceptions of Youth 1
Megha Singh, Arshi Islam, Farah Khan and Pallavi Bhatnagar
2 Managing Social Anxiety Disorder in Pregnant Woman through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Case Study 9
Pragya Verma and Archana Shukla
3 Do Opposites Attract or Like Dissolve Like? Heterogeneity of Friendship Networks forIndian Young Adult Males and Females 21
Gulgoona Jamal
4 Social Relationship Vis-à-vis Health and Wellbeing  31
Swaha Bhattacharya and Piyali Roy
5 Development of Helping Behaviour with Behaviour Technology 43
Ganesan V and Ramakrishnan K S
6 Assessing Fear among Adult Using Fear of Covid-19 Scale During the Pandemic of COVID-19: Exploratory Research Balan Rathakrishnan, Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Azizi Yahaya,  53
Noor Hassline Mohammed and Mohammad Amin Wani


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