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Social Media: Usage and Impact


Author : Paul Martin & Thomas Erickson
ISBN : 9789388612852
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2019
Pages : 250
Size : 19×14.5
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House


About the Book

Social media is powerful means of social relations in the 21st century which continues to emerge as a major force in global society and provides much more personal and interactive form of social relations. This edition presents a comprehensive and inclusive overview of social media usage and its impact into six chapters. It explains the concept of social media and its basic forms; demonstrates how social media content can be used to predict real-world outcomes; examines key features of social media and their significance in contemporary higher education; explores the development and examples of User Generated Content (UGC); explains the various social media models available today; discusses use of social media as a coordinating tool for nearly all of the world’s political movements and finally presents current scenario  of social media monitoring and  engagement of corporations in social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Corporate blogs and the likes for the purpose of brand building and remaining competitive. We hope readers will appreciate the new edition for its clarity and simplicity in the presentation of the facts.

About the Authors

Paul Martin completed his higher education from Texas University and continued as a Marketing Researcher for different International companies. He is at present busy in advertising and sales promotion for Reebok and Nike. He is focused on Indian market and working for different Indian companies. He takes time to pen certain valuable books on his area and already five books have flooded international market with huge readership response. The present book is a practical methodology on how to manage Brand and Equity in the global village.

Thomas Erickson is an interaction designer and researcher whose approach to systems design is shaped by work in marketing, architecture, and urban design. He has contributed to the design of a number of products and authored about 10 publications on topics ranging from personal electronic notebooks to pattern marketing and knowledge management. Originally trained as a cognitive psychologist at the University of California, San Diego, he spent five years at a startup company, nine years at Apple Research, and finally joined IBM in 1997 as a research staff member. His primary aim is to study and design systems that support network mediated group interaction.


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