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Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Author : William Josephus Robinson
ISBN : 978-93-90423-20-0
Edition : Reprint
Year : 2022
Pages : 272
Size : 14.5×21 Cm
Price : Rs. 1200/-


About the Book

“Man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart, but Tis woman’s whole existence.”—Byron . Essentially woman is made for love. In his book, William J. Robinson has shown, as he believe convincingly, why sex knowledge is even more important for women than it is for men. He has examined carefully the books that have been written for girls and women, and he realised that it is not bias, nor carping criticism, but strict honesty that forces Robinson to say that he has not found one satisfactory girl’s or woman’s sex book. There are some excellent books for girls and women on general hygiene; but on sex hygiene, on the general manifestations of the sex instinct, on sex ethics—none. If this book should be instrumental in destroying some medieval superstitions, in dissipating some hampering and cramping errors, in instilling some hope in the hearts of the hopeless, in bringing a little joy into the homes of the joyless, in increasing in however slight a degree the sum total of human happiness, its mission shall have been gloriously fulfilled.

About the Author

William Josephus Robinson (1867 – 1936) was an American physician, sexologist and birth control advocate. He was Chief of the department of Genito-Urinary Diseases at Bronx Hospital Dispensary, and editor of the American Journal of Urology and Sexology. Robinson was active in the birth control movement in the United States. He was “the first American physician to demand that contraceptive knowledge be taught to medical students and probably the most influential and popular of the American physicians writing on birth control in the first three decades of the twentieth century”.


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